11 Guage Spokes and nipples $35 DLVD for 26 inch Wheel BRAND NEW!! Made by Worksman

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by dotcom, Aug 16, 2015.

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    11 guage spokes and nipples that can only be purchased through special order. They are very thick!! Original cost is $60 plus shipping for the 60 spokes and nipples.
    Selling for $35 DLVD .
    money order or well concealed cash ONLY. No paypal.
    I ordered these to make a wheel for a 26in beach cruiser wheel but ended up not using them so I am selling them for 1/2 price

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  3. dotcom

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    going once, going twice....
  4. nishikidrift

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    kinda sketch not willing to use pay pal...
  5. dotcom

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    got skrill to accept any card payments
  6. dotcom

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    going one again, going twice.....
  7. butterbean

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    Husky has 50pks of 11g spokes and nipples for $15 plus shipping, different lengths, don't have to be special ordered. Just saying.
  8. dotcom

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    I Wish I knew about that place sooner. Price lowered to $25 dlvd