11 guage spokes too long. Need to cut and rethread suggestions

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by dotcom, Dec 26, 2014.

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    I recieved my 11g spokes in the mail but they are too long and need to be cut and re-threaded to size. Would harbor freight tap and die set work? Metric or SAE? Or is it only a special spoke tool that can re-thread it properly?

    Thanks in advance
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  2. troyg

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    If it's just a few to replace, I guess give it a go, but from everything I've read you want the right spokes, not modified in any way.I don't believe the HF standard set goes that tiny (yes I have one).
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    When I had to get my 11g spokes cut to fit my hub I took it to a bicycle shop. The 1st one said that they didn't have the equipment to cut 11g spokes. The second one said that I would have to reorder a set of 11g spokes which I did. When they tried to lace in the hub they said that they bent the spokes. To make the long story short ... I finally found a shop to do it. Cost $90 to order new 11g spokes and have them lace in the Sturmy Archer hub.
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    Are you threading the spokes correctly? Look at the other wheel and see. Spokes should look like a d threading out of the hub. If they're the wrong ones I'd send them back and get the correct length. 36 spokes is a lot of fixing and Murphy is watching you too. Probably mess at least a few up.
  5. crassius

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    might be hard with spokes that stiff, but higher cross-numbers take longer spokes, so you could up it from cross3 to cross4 maybe
  6. HeadSmess

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    the LBS will attempt to charge you almost as much for the threading service (on a full set of spokes) as one of these would set you back...


    you also need the larger size die, which are also expensive but... they expand, but only slightly.

    from then on you can cut your own spokes, friends spokes, never worry about spokes ever again... :)

    also, hunt around. i got mine for $127 (which would be about $110 for you in the US)

    no, a standard tap and die set wont work. those smaller(cheap...what you want would cost twice the amount of one of those kits...for just one!) taps are badly made and will just cause your spleen to burst... especially if you got stainless spokes! (i cut all external stainless threads on a lathe cus i havent found a die that will start on the stuff yet! i dont use cheap dies, either ;))
    also note the die used on the real threaders. its a ROLLED thread...
    one...the thread is stronger as its forged rather than cut.
    the spoke is stronger as a stud/thread is only as strong as its root or small diameter. by cutting material away its reduced in size. ie,if you CUT your threads...youll end up with 12 or 13g spokes despite the majority of the spoke being 11's! sorta defeats the purpose, yes?
    the rolled thread allows the spoke nipple to go PAST the thread if necessary.

    those weird bolts you find with washers on them and the thread prevents it from sliding off? rolled :) as most high tensile bolts are.

    also, not a bad idea to do what crassius suggests, change the lace pattern. or at least, double check all your measurements and recalculate!

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