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  1. Samdallas214

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    O KNOW THE WORD ENDING ON THE 21ST of this month.
    How do you thank it will end.
    Me I thank it will be by Attack of the Killer Tomatoes .
    Just like the that old movie a bunch of 10,000 Feet round Killer Tomatoes will roll around smashing every thing and everyone. LOL.

    What is your theory how will the world end.


  2. Fabian

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    I'm really looking forward to the radical left wing environmental loonies selling everything they own and donating the money to the World Wildlife Fund, then getting swept up in some naked group love fest on the eve of the 21st, only to realise the bills still need to be paid when the 22nd rolls around and the bank still wants their next mortgage payment.

    It's going to be like the Y2K bug: the biggest let down in the history of calamitous hype.

    December 21 will be no different.
  3. Samdallas214

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    Your so right, it will be just another day. That's why I posted this it so funny.
    I have even seen people maxing out all there credit cards. Just knowing they will not have to pay.
    I told them you are crazy on the 22ed you will live to regret it and I'll say I TOLD YOU SO, And the banks will be saying wheres my money.
    To thank a group of people could not predict there own end but could of predicted ours makes no since.
    There calendar had to end sometime.
  4. BchCruizer

    BchCruizer New Member

    Its just the end of mayan calender. Not the world! Atleast we all hope so!
  5. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    The end of the mayan calendar refers to the following, which is also recognised by modern astronomers:

    On December solstices in the years around 2012, the sun will be aligning with the great white band of the Milky Way, within the confines of the Nuclear Bulge or also termed the Galactic Center. This "galactic alignment" occurs only once every 26,000 years. The Mayans Long count calendar ( the end of the 13-baktun period ) is also slated to occur on December 21, 2012. This is the so-called "end date" of the Mayan calendar, and simply a start of a new long date calendar. http://www.englishintaiwan.com/general-interest/december-21-2012-the-end-of-the-world

    Doomsday? I don't think so. But some people believe that because of this the earth will start rotating in the opposite direction shifting the north pole to the south pole. :ack2:
  6. Fabian

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    One thing is for sure, December 21st is going to be the biggest street party in all time - some crazy sh!t will go down that night, and i want to be in the middle of it :grin5:
  7. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe we should just postpone the end of the world celebrations until the 31st December! But then again that might be too late.
  8. Samdallas214

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    I thought that at least 1 person, would of posted by now, how wrong I am and how I will regret making fun of 12-21-2012 and the crazy mixed up people that believe it is not BS it is the end of the world. Just another set of cooks.
    I agree with BchCruizer, Its just the end of Mayan calender. Not the world!
    There calendar had to end some time, 2000 years is long enough.

    I like the idea of postponing it untill the 31st though party on.
    Do you thank we could get the Mayans to agree to postpone it? LOL
  9. Ludwig II

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    What are the space aliens going to do when they get here and find nobody to abduct?
  10. Fabian

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  11. graucho

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    One way or another... I'll be drinking a beer and eating a steak. Then watching some football the next day.
    It took me many many years, my soul is clean. I'm ready whenever the good lord takes me.
  12. professor

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    The world never ends. One day, it will get new management though. And not the one O represents.
    Joke I saw was of two Aztecs making the calendar and one of them quips about how they ran out of room on the disc at 2012. The other one says, "Hey! that'll freak somone out one day!"
  13. BchCruizer

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  14. Anton

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  15. geebt48cc

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    Love to hear that Graucho.......:)

    Uno what I think? We all motorized bikers ,are going to be attacked by all of the Disgruntled Chinese 2/stroke Mechanics! Yes, we will be knocked in the head with old seized single cylinder 2/stroke engines, that will be traveling towards us at 30+MPH. OUCH!~

  16. Samdallas214

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    Went to the store today on my MB and got 2 gallons of milk, and a few other things, when I got them home the my old lady noticed the milk's sell by date was 12/21/2012.
    Now I'm a believer and my wife is a believer as well the Mayans are right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The worlds going to end on 12/21/2012 we know it will happen, because our milk carton told be so. It just has to be true our milk carton would never lie to us.
    If only I could of know this last month, I could I started build my ark, O well I guess I'll have to work day and night. LOL
  17. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    Hey, Hey,

    BOTTOM LINE ................It STATES IN BIBLE!----Not even the many angels in heaven will know when the last day will be!

    Hey, uno what? One way to look at the 21st.............we'll never have to worry about wrist-pin bearing ever again! :)
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  18. jaguar

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    Nostrodamus predicted that 3827AD would be the end of the world, not 2012.That is 1815 years past 2012! And consider this; the end of the Muslim Calendar is at 2076AD and the end of the Jewish Calendar is at 2240 AD.
  19. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    You've got to remember, that Nostrodamus didn't enter in to all of his predictions just RAW EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heck, just turn on news, and 98% of it will be demise of some shape or form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~SAD, very sad.
  20. professor

    professor Active Member

    As soon as we all go four stroke- wrist pin bearing failures will be a thing of the past.
    Just fooling around.
    As for old Nostro- he was an occultist. Not a good source for information.

    As for the Jewish calendar, I think it is at 5772. They purposely left out 240 years to obscure the fact that their Messiah came already.

    The world never ends.