12.5 inch OCC super stretch

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by el diablo guapo, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. IMG_3549-1500.jpg IMG_20150112_125210.jpg IMG_20150126_074854.jpg IMG_20150130_072631.jpg IMG_20150203_071217.jpg IMG_20150204_134006.jpg IMG_20150211_071131.jpg IMG_20150211_080126.jpg IMG_20150212_160600.jpg IMG_20150212_160454.jpg IMG_20150212_160444.jpg this started off as a 12.5 inch schwinn OCC pixie bicycle, but i stretched a tad bit...

    i just finished this this morning and took it for a few rides through out the day

    finally tweaked my brakearm extension mod, so now there's that to re-fix

    no pictures of the ride or completed bike, but the last few pics should give good idea of how it came out

  2. Vapourtrail

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    my flabber is gasted
  3. Arty

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  4. TheWizard

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    Very cool
  5. miketaco

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    dude that's awesome! and that's an under statement...nice hat keeping it classy not trashy

    p.s. i want one
  6. Timbone

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    Good work! But that drive chain! It could put you out of business!