12,500 watt, twin RC motored, lipo trike video

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by recumpence, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. recumpence

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    He Guys,

    Here is a video of my KMX Typhoon. It is running two Astro Flight 3220 brushless RC motors and two Castle Creations HV140 contorllers with a 48 volt (12S) 30ah lipo pack. The trike weighs 90 pounds and (on new pavement) runs 0 to 40mph in a touch over 3 seconds. In the video, the trike covers 100 feet and hits almost 40mph in that distance. Most of what you hear is tire spin. It spins the tire violently all the way up to speed. When the weather is hot, the tire smokes. :devilish:




  2. Hawaii_Ed

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    Sounds cool! Hard to see much in the vid though!
  3. recumpence

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    I know. I just set the camera on my car trunk. I need to take a better video. I was in a hurry when I took this one.

    So, you are a member of the 50mph club. That is cool! I assume you are talking about 50mph e-bike. My trike is geared for 45mph. But, I have the power for MUCH more speed. I may be gearing it up soon anyway. So, I may join you up at 50. :)

  4. Hawaii_Ed

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    Nah, I am gas powered shift kit. I cruise at 45+, and can peak in the lower 50's.

    I dabble with electric mini bikes for my son, and might build a hub-motor bike in the future to mess with.

    I made a little mount for my handle bars using and old reflector mount, 1/4" #20 rod, and a few nuts. Works great! Clamp that on you bike and get some action shots! :)

  5. bigkat650

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    Very nice! Be careful with that much power!!

    How many miles ya get with what much power and only 1440Ah? I would double your Ah hours if not triple it and you will have a sweeeet ride for several miles!
  6. recumpence

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    I get 50 miles of general cruising, some hard riding, some 20mph neighborhood cruising. If I mash on it all the time, I still get 20 miles. I can stretch it to 60 miles if I really nurse it.

  7. bigkat650

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    wow... im going for a 24v system with 24Ah on only a 450 watt system... Think I can get 30 miles using it as a peddle assist? I could prolly add 2 more batteries and run it at 36ah, but from my calculations, I should be able to get pretty far on 24ah's... I dont know much about it other then the scooters which use a similar size motor say they go for 10-15miles on a single charge... and they only use 10Ah loads, without peddling.
  8. recumpence

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    You have to remember, I am running Lipo batteries. They are extremely efficient and light weight. RC motors are also very light and super efficient (in the 90%+ range).

    If you are running SLA batteries and a brushed motor, your range and power will be drastically reduced.

  9. safe

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    At 12,500 watts that's about 16 hp which is about what you would get with an Etek motor.

    I'm still having a hard time figuring where this type of machine fits into the larger perspective of things. 16 hp is no longer an electric bike (or trike) and really needs to be placed into the electric vehicle (car, trike, motorcycle) category.

    It just would be easier if we could all focus on one standard for power. My choice is 1000 watts input so you get 750 watts output or a little better so that you sneak under the Federal Electric Bike (manufacturers) Law.


    You should try to convert a motorcycle to an emotorcycle using something like four RC motors. Then you would be doing something that makes some sense because then you are talking about 30+ hp which is impressive.

    Try to beat the AC Induction motor (80 hp):



    ...maybe eight RC motors?


    If the game is:

    "Who can build the best motor for 1000 watts?"

    ...then we are all playing the same game. Otherwise the game isn't clear and the lines get fuzzy. With the whole "Going Green" trend being now somewhat in doubt it's probably time to start to focus on some products that could actually have some future somehow.

    I'd really like to see you do a RC motor build for a pure Road Racer like I'm building. Even if you go over the 1000 watt power limit I'd like to see what you come up with.

    So maybe the next build could be a Road Racer?
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  10. johnrobholmes

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    You are reading the wrong side, it is 18hp.

    Wouldn't it be easy if we all had the same bike, the same needs, and the same wants for power? I love how you preach 1000w all day long to adhere to federal standards, but then you constantly push top speeds way above the federal standards. :whistling:
  11. SirJakesus

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    This kind of stuff is the future of efficient light weight two wheeled transport. Nice work!
  12. AussieJester

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    not future...here now and Matt is one of the original pioneers using RC compnents on e-bikes...

    Those not aware and interested in this latest development in RC powered e-bikes might not be aware Matt also sells 'bolt on' single & double stage reduction and dual motored drive units along with all components needed to get you onto a RC powered ebike... i believe he is now also an agent for KMX trikes?

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  13. safe

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    Yeah... 60 mph is slightly over the speed limit isn't it? :evilgrin: (posted speed 40 mph)

    It's a problem. If we continue this "arms race" for more and more power then eventually the whole sport will get banned. However, if the power is capped (and we all buy into the idea of a 1000 watt input limit) then we have a future in refining the products so that they use that power as best they can.

    I'm trying to think in the larger perspective... top speed is a rather arbitrary thing and is usually tied to local speed limits. A suburban street typically has a speed limit of 25 mph, so if you are going to sell ebikes to ride on those streets then the speed limit for the bike should be near that. (most ebike speed limits are either 20 mph or 30 mph)

    Remember also that I'm proposing a "pure race" machine that would be raced on things like go kart tracks one day. The idea being that the street legal version has some sort of speed cap, while the pure race machine has no speed limits, but a power input limit is shared in both places.

    Hey... I don't know... I'm just trying to figure out what makes sense... it just DOESN'T make sense to have 18 hp ebikes. (no matter how insanely wild they are to ride)

    Think of it in democratic terms... I'm in effect "voting" for a type of ebike world that has a very clear power limit that is defined. I think it's the wise and prudent path for where the sport should go and I think that too much power obsession might damage the sport. But that's just my opinion.

    Thank goodness these things are quiet... at least when we play we don't annoy anyone else. (unlike fast gas powered motorcycles)
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  14. DetonatorTuning

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    i too am completely impressed and intriqued by the work Matt is doing. i have been quite shy of ebikes due to the lack of decent sustainable speed over reasonable distance.

    Matt's work that showcases applications that can cover my 45ml. round trip commute at 35-40mph is a very welcome option indeed.

    i'll be looking into getting more of an education on this side of the sport for sure.

  15. AussieJester

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    Endless Sphere forum is the place to start tiz where Matt and other RC dabblers hang :) I would suggest the Non hub motor section Make yoiurself comfy theres ALOT of reading to get upto speed...Speaking of speed...bere in mind the quoted speed Matt gives is gear limited, he uses the highest quality parts avaiable to ensure safety as part of that he gears the bikes to ~45mph.... i would think he would be breaking records if he geared it for top speed but safety would be an issue. 45mph in the blink of an eye is more fun than cursing at 100mph IMHO anywayz...acceleration babeee...!!!!Be awsome if Matt had a fella near by with an ICE 49cc MTB or similar and get them linedup for a run..Matt would be a blur the ICE sitting on the line in cloud of smoke and rang-d-d--dang-dang-dang noise going nowhere fast hehehe...How about a short road trip to 'Safe Land' Matt? (Missouri?) Line up against the "road racer" for a run around his "Race Track" LoL..You could totall deflate Safes ego in the push of the cnc machined trigger ROFL Couldnt resist that ...

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  16. safe

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    But I'm not trying for peak power... it's apples and oranges.

    The whole point of the game I'm playing is to try to get the most performance out of a limited power allocation.

    On the newly created "History and Politics" thread I bring this up... I really think it's a mistake for ebikes to exceed by such a large margin the legal power limits. I can understand maybe double the legal limit, but 18 times the legal limit? It's just wrong.

    Racing is suppose to be about machines with roughly equal power levels going against each other, the winner being the one who can gain that slightest edge.

    If I wanted to be a "Big Power" guy all it will take is to strap on an Etek and then the issue is settled. And my bike actually handles well at 60 mph, so I could actually handle the speed without killing myself.

    But again... this "arms race" has to end. :ack2:
  17. recumpence

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    My trike is way beyond E-tek performance. I know someone with an E-tek trike and this thing is way beyond that in performance and 40% lighter weight.

    Also, bear in mind, power is not as obvious to the average public as top speed. I do not ride by with people thinking to themselves "Gee, that thing looks like it has 18 times the legal limit in power." However, someone going by them at 50+ mph call attention to themselves, for sure! I would venture a guess that you constantly running full throttle (high speed) is doing more harm for the "Cause" than good. My trike and my previous hot-rod PK Ripper, are like OCC choppers. They attract attention from the detail. Once people ask about it, I can show them.

    I typically run about 25mph though my town. There are a few back roads I can rip down. But, I rarely go there. I like to occasionally rocket up a deserted road. But, mostly, I cruise at 25mph. And, much of that time is spent pedalling too.

    Safe, I like your projects and I have nothing against you personally. However, have you ever wondered why VERY few people are really with you on this road racing thing? Or even on your mindset for this hobby? Again, I have nothing against you. I like your builds.


    I finally clocked it, a flat 50mph. It runs 0 to 50 in under 5 seconds with poor traction. On fresh pavement, it will do that (I am guessing) about a second faster. I have a better tire ordered.

    Oh, I think I have a buyer for $6,500.

  18. AussieJester

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    WTF!!! says you who has rewound a handful of brushed motors to increase their performance ...faaaark me ... you dribble on about the Federal 1000watt rulling then immediately break this when you rewind the motor NOT TO MENTION the 20mph MAX speed law...

    And travelling 40mph above the LEGAL SPEED LIMIT on an e-bike isn't ? give us all a break safe :-S You think screaming around at 60mph on your bicycle is good advertisement for the e-bike cause... I agree with Matt and many others on this Safe, your doing the whole e-bike cause a world of harm. Perhaps if you made mention most of your 'flat out' riding is done on closed circuit not "public streets" it would be better for the cause and not too far stretch of the truth. Last thing we need is a fearless 15-16 year old with similar midset to you getting into his oldmans workshop over summer and copying your lead and ending up in a world of hurt.

    BullShiiiit... Lets take MotoGP as your delusional and think your have a road racer not a pushbike..NONE of the current MotoGP bikes are of equal power some top speeds differing by as much as ~15km/hr Races are won in the garage Safe, best prepared/setup/handling bike wins not he most powerful...

    The added weight would adversly affect performance ... either way Matt still have you beat...He has power to weight advantage, I would put money on him on a go kart track whipping your *** to Safe with or without an E-Tek in your pushbike.

    It wil lend when Recumpence says so and not before... :p


    Good to here the 50mph in 5seconds daaaamn thats i serious acceleration aint it...have you had a chance to have a crack at a measured 100meter run yet Matt? I have bubbly in the fridge waiting for the person to post better time than DoctorBass (with video evidence) LiveForPhysics has obliterated it but no video of it. You is the man Matt..or my other mate Matt..Matt Parks (1000watt) i reckon his cruiser would give the record a nudge DEFINITELY would if he got himself a decent controller but lack of workable pedals well....you know what would go down there, **** its such a nice bike you would be OOBER impressed wth it Matt, one of those occasions (same as your pictured builds) where the pics dont do justice to the finish of the bike, absolutely first class show condition.

    I put this too him while back (as im sure many have over the years) as usual he veered off on a totally different tangent ...gravity games if i recall correctly?...while answering the question... Hes in his own little world me thinkz...i like his projects too, respect to anyone that can take bare materials and make something from them, i agree though Matt...Safe will be one of very few that will be interested in his offerings fact is it doesnt reeeeally matter if nobody does, as long as safe enjoys his projects and doesn't do a great deal of detrimental effect to the e-bike cause<--which i know does concern you personally and alot of others too that have read his threads on ES...being in Australia with 200watt limit well...how much worse can it get for us down here LoL... i'll continue to follow his builds and pay out on him (to keep him honest you understand...LoL) As continues on with his project...would be cool to see the pushy with a rc motor in it though wouldnt it... :: sigh :: his grumblings about gear reductions and throttle connections I think he will take another route...redoing a washing machine motor for the next 5 months would be my initial guess...before concluding it a no go and being back to square one albeit 6 months down the track more $$ that could of been spent on reliable tested motor spent AND still no completed bike LoL...

    Going to head back to ES more regular myself in months to come Matt (im sure some will LOVE that hahaha....NOT..) there might be a few members there that will like my next offerings...Very least i get to hassle out Other Doc and his reverse trike...LoL

    ...I have finalised design for my next trike...Independent wishbone suspension rear driving BOTH rears ... Sorry Matt $$$ wont allow for a L337 Recumpence drive or Astro motor this time round :-( Ill have to opt for the HXT<--i hear your not a huge fan of them... the reduction drive i have designed will support the external shaft of the outrunner so i wont be changing shaft or bearings see how it handles the punishment...


    p.s BEST of Luck with the sale of the trike Matt...whats next ? Mountain bike? cruiser build? how bouts a chopper!
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  19. recumpence

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    Matt does have a build thread of his chopper on ES. It is one of the finest builds I have ever seen, period! VERY nice indeed!

    HXT motors have improved hugely. They seem fine at this point. No worries there, I think.

    I am glad to know you will be heading back to ES. I have been making some waves there too lately. I am getting sick of people bad mouthing products they know nothing about or situations they know nothing about. Luckily I have such a good reputation there, I never get my hand slapped. :)

  20. AussieJester

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    Indeed Recumpence Matt (Parks) has an eye for detail and much like yourself accept nothing but perfection...He is also a genuinely nice fella i have enjoyed many an afternoon discussing e-bikes over a beer. ;-)

    ****es me no end the criticism people lay down when they have absolutely no clue OTHER than second hand information they have half *** understood... I'll tell you one things for certain Matt I wont be mixing words on ES if i think it sucks i shall be saying straight out it sucks. Be careful though buddy, you have a HUGE 'audience' dont "rock the boat" too much theres hella lot of people willing to pay some serious bickies for your expertise :) On my side of the track I owe nobody anything and have little regard for hurting peoples feelings if i think something should be said...This wont extend to THIS forum, i couldnt do it to this friendly bunch its like family here... ES is like the relative your hate but have to visit to keep in touch...i have realised that, i stcuck up for Safe for what "at the time" i thought was right... History shows this was a bad mistake on my behalf, live and learn...unfortunately Safe refuses to do so....

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