1200 rpm elec.drill eneough 2start? troubles

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by untamed, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. untamed

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    my bike stopped running on a trip to the store. that was 25 dayes ago, i think i read everything posted,so now i must give up and ask for help!:bowdown Have done everything in fastboy9s troubleshooting guide. At night, stroking 1 pedal, plug to fins, nice fire, carb cleaned, full bowl,o rings in intake,new gaskets head intake,exhaust manifold.I didnt want to do these things,I mean the bike was running GREAT, den nada. I have good compression. Without airfilter I see awell lubricated (?) throtle_slide.O.k Ididnt check where the needle was set, figured it was at the 2nd notch,ran so good(can vibers change it?)Im scared to mess with it back then. Took da carb off 3 times, cleaned well with c. clnr.\ air, measured float 21mm.Have been peddeln my tail off, nothing works.Towed 22mph, nada.Im set up now,with tire up trying to drill sstart. fire seems extremly weak,very small blue spark. So is 1200 eneough

  2. shell shock

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    im going to go out on a limb here. are you using your stock sparkplug? i think everyone on the forums will tell you to swap it out. either that out a CDI/ coil problem.
  3. DuctTapedGoat

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    Make sure your ground is solid. Clean any rust/oxidation off of the spot you attached it to the frame.
  4. untamed

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    Yes i've replaced the plug (ngk b6hs) plug lead & boot. The kill switch was connected when the engine lost power,but i've disconnected it now. I'm going to resplice blues & black wires and try to towstart again today but i'm not going to have much time,ive got to leave town for a while this afternoon. If no luck i'll order a new cdi & magneto an hope i'm not wasting money.
  5. shell shock

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    yah i would assume that the coil or CDI would be the culprit then. specially if it fires (weakly) hope that thats the only problem and its fixed

  6. motorpsycho

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    Go through ALL of your wiring and check for worn insulation. If bare wire is touching the frame or anything metal, your engine will not run (but still may show that you have spark). If this is the case, you could have spark, but it may be too weak to ignite the fuel under compression.
    Do you have anything hooked to the white wire?
    If you do(like a light) disconnect it and try to start it.
    Having something hooked to the white wire will cause too much stress on the magneto and make it weak.
    The engine may run fine for awhile with a light hooked to the white wire, but over time it will weaken the output of the magneto, and your engine will stop running and won't start no matter what you do.
    I had a light hooked to the whote wire and my engine ran fine for about a week and then all of the sudden it would not run at all.
    I went through all kinds of stuff like you did, and then finally I disconnected the light, and the engine fired right up and has been running fine ever since.
  7. HeadSmess

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    that pesky white wire strikes again. it is NOT a killswitch....

    remove it altogether. after you get a new magneto.

    they stand a 70% chance of burning out when wired up wrong.