125cc? Crazy? Thats my middle name!

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Rileymoto, Jul 10, 2009.

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    Just started building my new ride today! Purchased a 125cc lifan 4 stroke semi-auto 4 speed race engine... Got myself a OCC chopper bike... A welder... lots and lots of steel.... a bunch of guys that are pumped about the project... I know, i know many will come on this thread and point fingers of disapproval but i just wanted to get a giant engine to get much better acceleration than my pitiful 35cc! Wish me luck pictures will start up asap!!!

    Ride on!


  2. Overpowered, and hopefully not underengineered

    Hi, well to start with I put a 350 hp hi-po 327 chevy into a 29 Model A frame and body with a Muncie M-20 4-speed, BUT, I built an independant front suspension with Disc brakes and modern steering, and a Ford rear end with modern type V-8 rear brakes. Going fast is fun, getting killed because you could not stop is........ (you pick the word).

    Sooo..... that bike comes with no front brrakes and 60-70 percent of street-bike braking is front.

    What are your front brake plans?

    125cc performance engine with gearbox? Not a moped in any state, and what will you use in the rear to stop it?

    How do you plan to license it?

    Sounds like a fun project, (or a death trap) BUT, remember to care about your fellow Motorbicyclists, and not to screw it up for everyone else?

    Remember, have fun, stay alive, and try not to screw it up for everyone else?

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    Well I am gonna use a front brake caliper plan i found from another thread.... as for licensing it... Its just for fun nothin seirous so i don't even plan on taking it out on to commuter steets probally just keep it for up in the mountains and such
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    that's a cool THING

    that's a cool THING for fun in the sticks
    plenty of sticks up top the mountain here
    and we are also blessed to have many private dirt roads

    but -- as we are sure you are aware
    on the streets that THING
    will be a pooolice getter !!!

    I like to get a lot of THINGS -- but -- not the pooolice !!
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    Yeah! Its gonna be pretty awesome!
    And i am sure this dang thing will not be underengineered at all...
    With the ammount of steel bracing and bolts i am putting in this dang thing...
    I am a rock climber so i have lived my whole life backing things up to a point of insanity!
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    Oh yeah i forgot one thing... a big thing involving braking will be gearing down the engine...
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    Keep us posted on your speed of this 125cc motorbike engine!

    Gears + big cc must be nice!
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    Yeah! The engine is gonna come tomorrow! Hey Znsane I got a few questions for you when you have a chance... Its just questions about bigger engines and you seem to be the most knowlageable one
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    I am currently looking at the WildFire CF-110, over 100cc. To me, it has an attractive design - and it is still a bicycle. I wonder if anyone has motors over 100cc and what their experience is?
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    you would have to get it registered as a motorcycle, a motorcycle license registration of your machine and insurance. not to forget helmet. i am thinking of getting an electric bicycle which would help me getting around and it is totally legal in New York State. go ebike! go green!
  15. Mountainman

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    fast real braking

    kind of silly to depend on compression for

    fast to the point braking

    it does not happen at the drop of a dime

    ride that thing
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    I would LOVE to get an electric bike. The problem is, the range isn't enough for me. I need something to go riding and hiking in the New England hills, which are STEEP.

    On another link, www.mopedarmy.com (just like this, except it's about mopeds), some guy there had a relatively positive experience with the WildFire WF-110-M1. This goes around 40-50, so I'd have no choice but to register - or be pulled over by the Massachusetts Blue Meanies. About brakes, this has disc front and back. I'm finding pads not sufficient on my 80cc.
  17. Clotho

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    The WF-110 doesn't have pedals. It looks like a moped but it really is a motorcycle so you will have to take that into consideration.

    I was living in a very hilly area on the coast and a shift kit did the trick for me. The hills in my area were steep like San Francisco. The Nuvinci hub helped alot too.
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    Hey Riley..Eno (Down Under)..Mate that thing is going to be a blast..Have three OCCs (one motored up)..Theyre a great bike but some guys put a small motor on and so have trouble with the weight factor..We run an 80cc which does OK but yours is going to fly..Where are you going to ride.."Totally Illegal"..will follow your threads and pics...God Luck Eno in Oz
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    Just watched the YouTube video commented but doesnt appear my comment posted ;-S I would DEFINATELY swich out the front rim as well as the rear the front failing your in the lap of the gods and gravity if the rear goes sliding to a halt is an option rather than a swift journey over the bars which 99% of the time ends in broken bones...

    Brace the frame definately, bicyle tube is very thin and will break/bend easily with the added weight and stress...Too late now but i would have suggested a 10hp watercooled pocket bike 47cc motor would of gotten better performance due to better power to weight...

    Best of luck


    p.s Eno any word on the spare rim and hub buddy? Ill be financial to purchase in lil under two weeks if thats cool with you?