125cc Lifan Fat Tire Bike Build?

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  1. bakaneko

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    I am looking to start a new project this spring to replace my aging 2-stroke 66cc bike and have something faster and more reliant (4-stroke). I am really keen on the idea of a 125cc lifan motor and I love the look of fat tire bikes. Here is my plan.

    - 125cc lifan manual 4up, 1down motor with a 26" fat tire mountain bike with disc brakes
    - the lifan motor has two mounting bolts on top and back of the engine
    - the back bolt will be mounted to the seat tube
    - the top bolt will be mounted to a metal fabrication that connects to the top tube and seat tube for support
    - the bottom tube of the bike will be cut as needed
    - hopefully once things are mounted and working, i want to reinforce the cut bottom tube

    While I don't like the idea of cutting the bottom tube to fit the motor, I've seen this done before to a bmx bike where bot the bottom and seat tube was cut/ missing. I am thinking that as long as I am not jumping large hills and if I reinforce the missing bottom tube I should be fine.

    What do you guys think? Am I going to ruin a perfect fat tire bike and have to resell the motor. Haha. Pitchy I know you are looking for stronger engines too. Here is the YT video of the guy with the lifan motor on a bmx bike with the bottom and seat tube missing.


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  2. skyash

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    Welding the frame is easy. I say go for it. if it goes like a dirt bike that wood be fantastic. And thay are cheap motor to bye where I live iam just scared of the cops if I had one
  3. johnsteve

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    that build in the video is insane!!!!!! it is a nice build though

    dont get busted for speeding
  4. pitchy

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    Nice bike in the video, not my style but nice and the motor sounds great.
    I`m working on that Wisconsin iron block as we speak, put a 20mm Mikuni on it and it purs.
    I`m going to chop some poor victim into pieces and weld in new pipe to get that board track look, just ordered a pipe bender.
    Good luck with your build and have fun.
  5. JunkyardDog

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    I would check your local laws. Pretty sure that engine is not legal anywhere in a motorized bike. My state has a 48cc limit. And cops here love to harass people riding motorized bikes. One of the reasons I don't ride my Solex very much. It is 49cc. And if a cop stops you, that one lousy cc can get you busted.
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  6. bakaneko

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    Aye, aye. Thanks for the concerns, all. I will be registering it as a moped when completed though I might have to register it as a motorcycle. A moped in Wisconsin is 130cc or less with foot pedals but the DMV person said the speed limit is 30mph... I am not sure how stringent they are about that speed limit because the inspection requirements between a moped and motorcycle are huge.
  7. Dude

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    I did one! Waiting on big gas tank
  8. bakaneko

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    Nice show us some pics when you are ready!
  9. Randall

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    Wow! That's how I want my next build to sound.
  10. Randall

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