12v lighting & safety system project-an MBc Community Effort



lights & safety have been a major issue with me since i've motored-up. i have both motorcycle & bicycling experience, but there seems to be a whole new set of survival rules for 30mph motoredbikes. i've finally admitted reality & capped off the white-wire forever.

i've designed this and already made my choices based what i've read here (great contributions by so many knowledgable folks)...i went after a balance of effect/run-time/durability/budget and, as always, "bolt-on-ability"...so here goes.

i've ordered this: http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0161p?&I=LZ0208

and i have this...
matching "union" headlamps,
most of a pocket-bike harness, thanks to wavy
(the rubber wedge-sockets on the harness are a perfectly snug fit for the headlights, how lucky!)
basic bullet taillamp
(retro-fitted with an auto-grade screw-socket)

stage 1, a quick & simple light system so i can quit feeling so naked out there:

battery=12v/4.5ah mini sla
headlamps= low/5w high/10w xenon wedge base
taillamp= 5w screwbase.

total cost for stage 1 = $35

plans for later:

12v generator/charger (wait til y'all see how i do this)

if the generator works out, then i want led running-lights/turn-signals & a horn, not to mention about 35w of headlamp

soon as i have the battery, i'll start testing circuits and posting the progress.


Ya I like the sound of this. will be waiting to see how it turns out. ;)


Hello Augiedog, I'm very interested in your project. I'm also in the process of a light kit of my own. I'm using two sealed lead acid batterys that are 6 v 4.5 AH tied together to make 12 v . together they weigh 2lb.-14-oz. How much does the 12 v weigh? What type of generator are you using? T



Well Augie it is about time you stopped playing with that white tormentor.
Rember last winter I was talking about getting the battery and head light wellll after I gave up on the pocket bike light I had I went to Wal Mart and got a pr. of neat looking light (19.00) used on cars (halogen) and now at night I have more time to scoot around dipps both human and non human :devilish:
One thing I would suggest is getting a solar panel trickle charger mount that on a school boy rack and after a night or two of running just plug up the charger and forget about it those small trickle charger just did not seem to work for me :D;)



Looks cool Augi, can't wait to see the finished product. I've been thinking of taking the batteries out of my kids electric jeep and mounting them to the rack on the back of the bike. They came with a charger. Kids don't ever use it. I am interested in you generator charger.
Glad you also get time to work on your own stuff too instead of bailing us out of our messes.


drill batterys

i am thinking of buying a 12 volt rechargeable drill ,find them on special for not allot of money and seems to be cheaper to buy the kit then it is to just buy the battery
,,they come with 2 battery and a quick charger maybe 2 hour charge ,, they seem to hold up good ,,also every kind of light ,horn ,signal lights , radio and anything you can think of comes in 12 volts and they can all be bought with low amps ,a extra battery on a long trip or leave one in the charger ,plus you can always use a drill ,, it seems to me a good way to go ,,be interesting to here other members opinion


hey, this is my lighting project topic...go start yer own. i will say i considered using a power-tool battery, but i got a lot more ah's for the money with a hobby sla.

i've had an ordering/shipping problem with the towerhobbies people, so i went elsewhere...ordered a better battery.

i managed to upgrade to a 12w/7ah for the same price...over a week away, tho, because my paypal takes a while to clear.

xenon wedge base bulbs are pricey, so i'm gonna try regular 10w/5w auto dome-lights...

new total for stage 1: $21

stay tuned.

btw-i'm getting a lot of great info here: http://nordicgroup.us/s78/


thanks, solar will be considered after i construct the actual lighting circuitry...something like this might be doable for all-day riding: http://cgi.ebay.com/New-1-8-Watt-So...ryZ41980QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

or this one, a bit pricey, too: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-5W-12V-Mono...9766586QQihZ020QQcategoryZ41981QQcmdZViewItem

i still have a hope of using a 12v mechanical generator, i have some homework yet to do on that part.

battery's been shipped priority, i'll be able to get started soon.