1300 watt electric motor

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by crazeehorse, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. crazeehorse

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    Does anyone know how many cc's a gas engine would be to equal a 1300 watt motor on a scooter?

  2. DuctTapedGoat

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    CC = Cubic centimeter, which is volume.
    Watt = is not volume, but power.

    There is no direct "watt to cc" conversion.
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  3. DuctTapedGoat

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    1300 Watts is 1.742627 Horsepower

    You're looking at converting that to CC, which is on a VERY sliding scale...

    But it could theoretically be...

    26.1cc - 43.6cc

    HP, Watt, and CC are similar, but different. What you would have to do is take into account every variable of the two things you're comparing.

    Load weight, CC, HP, Watt, RPM, Wheel size, Speed, Drive Gear, Driven Gear, Road Grade...

    And crunch numbers from there.
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    A very unscientific and backyard redneck seat of the pants opinion from somebody who's done both might be.....from a standing start 1300 watts would be like maybe a 150cc 4 stroke. Top speed...not so much, maybe a 50cc 4 stroke or a HT 80. Electric develops maximum torque at stall (like steam), ICE develops max torque at whatever it is designed for like 5000-5500rpm in our scenario.
  5. RingTing

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    A 25cc 2-stroke screaming at 20,000 RPM can produce more watts than a lazy 150cc 4-stroke chugging at 3,000 RPM. I think 1300 watts becomes more comfortable going towards the 150cc end.

    The size and weight of the gas tank/power pack gives gas motors an advantage over electric in power to weight ratio.

    So many variables...:confused:
  6. Ypedal

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    and to complicate things even more, electric motor vendors spec systems sometimes as Peak power ( watts ) or sometimes continuous power....

    745w = 1 hp

    But , as others have said above, it's all over the map depending on how you spec stuff..

    The HT 2 stroke motor is roughly equal to a " 500~750w kit " ebike..

    I have a 72v 50 amp chopper that pulls 3500w+ and leaves both my HT bike and a mitsubishi/staton geared bike in it's dust.