142f Build


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Dec 1, 2018
I’m starting a new 49cc 4 stroke build and I have been looking for performance parts all over for the 142f but can’t seem to find current listings on any sites for camshafts, carbs, or pipes. Any sites or listings you guys can reccomend?

P.S. I’ll be posting pictures and videos up on here when I build the bike!


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Jul 9, 2016
The fastest 49cc at Socal Motor Bicycle Racing

CrazyDan racing a 49cc 4 stroke at our last race.
You mean CrazyDan ran a 53cc 4 stroke huasheng with a pre-2011 flywheel and mag running over 9k rpm ungoverned. I think I would have had no problem racing nashmoto (let alone beginner and half novice) if my 6th and 7th gear worked correctly. I launched faster than alot of novice/expert class and got a high placement within the first few turns in the second heat even though not on the front line. If my chain didn't drop I think most would have only passed me on the straights I needed 6th and 7th for. I'm coming to the next race God willing. Pretty sure I put out more power than a 48.6cc governed at 7800 rpm than my ungoverned 53.4cc that has reached 9300 rpm before a valve floated.