14HP 2-stroke $395.00

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by ocscully, Jun 27, 2009.

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  2. robin bird

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    cool that thing would really fly !!
  3. that would rip a bike in half,maybe good for a gocart.
  4. Happy Valley

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    Or a small airplane, lol.
  5. buzbikebklyn1

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    14 hp, air cooled 2 stroke engine ment for a para glider...

    WOW... i took one look at that little beauty and started dreaming up mounts and clutches...
    Hmmmm.... i wonder if the sick bike parts shifter kit could be adapted.

    There is no such thing as to much power!
  6. RMWdave

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    yeah, all good BUT. where are you going to find some of the internals should you ever need to replace them..... it would sure make one **** of a pocketbike engine tho.
  7. buzbikebklyn1

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    The Solo 214cc 2 stroke

    Beat ya to it RMW... replacement parts for the Solo 2 stroke can be purchased from any number of suppliers...
    I've so far found a centrifical clutch and i can copy the design of the shift kit but just make it beefier.
    A variation of a certain mechanics universal mounting plate for china 80s will work...(rubber mounted no less!) but shell need a pretty big expansion pipe.(214ccs!) WHOOOO HOOOOO!
    My question is can the freewheel crank set up and the bicycle drive train stand the strain of 14 hp?
    I know my frame/fork and brakes can take it, but will she be snaping the primary(engine to cranks) and secondary (cranks to rear wheel) chains?
    All this in a 30 pound package?...Aand they only cost $395? sign me up. i think we have found a substitute for the much vanted Morini engine.
    65 to 75 mph any one?
    Now... were did i see those adds for plate aluminum, jack shafts, gears and pillow berings?
    HOOONEEEEY... have you seen my metric dial calipers?

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  8. RMWdave

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    so buy one. and be the envy of me lol
    a graham bell's book will direct you in the ways of making up a proper pipe. that thing would be badass for the bike. but for that price id mainly want to throw it in a pocketbike and take it to the track to whomp on the boys with their thousand+ dollar polini's
  9. pdxrhett

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    I already have made plans for it. Just need to save up some money for a VERY strong bike.
  10. Hawaii_Ed

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    Put it on a Felt MP! :)
  11. RMWdave

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    just buy one before they dissappear. **** thats one helluva deal. the carb however could be a search. a walbro would be a good replacment
  12. buzbikebklyn1

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    Diaphragm carbs on the Solo 214cc 2 stroke paragliger engine and the Gods of speed.

    Hi RMW...
    On the site that offers these engines it even states the diaphragm carb might need to be rebuilt... i spoke to a guy i know that para glides and he says he doesn't know what all the fuss is about... hes been using the solo for years... over 10,000 hours in the air with out a major failure...
    I like those odds... a German built and manufactured 200+cc 2 stroke? ill trust that before ill trust any china 80.
    (which i believe might be cast out of old melted down coke cans)
    The carb can be rebuilt, no problem, and its got the advantage of being able to be mounted in nearly ANY orientation... useful on some tight fit frames.

    The frames a monster, the fork and brakes and other running gear are top notch, I'm sure it can take the extra power structurally. (please see my Iron Horse Build for pics.)

    OK... I've done a partial computer mock up of the stresses that will be placed on the drive train and frame.

    At the crank the Solo in stock tune produces 14.3 hp and 12.5 pounds of torque, (Solos figures) figuring in the torque distribution and drag of a dual bearing dual chain and sprocket jack shaft system, powering the bikes Shimano 9 speed Derailleur shifting system through a freewheel dual ring crank.
    If you take into consideration that the weight of a 250 lb rider stomping on the peddles can produce over 250 pound torque spikes into the drive system...the extra 12.5 pounds of torque is negligible.

    All one has to do is enlarge certain existing designs a modest 15% in size, weight and torque capacity, draw up card board templates to mount the motor were you want it and bingo... a few weekends in the shop cussing and cutting and grinding and bleeding... and this bikes gonna be one honey of a ride...keeping it under 50 might prove to much of a temptation...
    ****... i might have to de tune her a little.

    I've been reluctant to bolt such a cheesy engine as a china 80 onto my baby... and the Morini just ain't doing it for me... Sorry not enough balls for the bucks... my Old Grand Dad always said "build the biggest strongest motor ya can kid, and you wont have to re build it again so soon. Grand Dad rode Indians way back in the teens and 20s...Not to different from what you and i ride today.

    The motor will work, I'm buying 2. Stay tuned.

  13. h0tr0d

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    Aren't these vertical shaft motors??????
  14. pdxrhett

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    Would that make it not possible to mount on a bike? No.
  15. buzbikebklyn1

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    solo 210s

    Nope there horizontal shaft, just like a big *** weed wacker engine...
  16. h0tr0d

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    You can mount it on the handle bars, but would that make it possible to power the bike? No.
  17. h0tr0d

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    I hope for your sake they are, since you bought two.

    I figured they were vertical shaft since the last image on that page showed how to properly measure a vertical shaft motor.

    If it is horizontal and somehow fits into a bike triangle, please let us know. 210cc is BIG and I'm sure gets some crazy high rpms, so you probably don't need to worry about top end speed or gears.

    Good luck!, take pics for us!
  18. buzbikebklyn1

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    210cc Solo engine...

    hey hotrod... i like the old binachi gat tank on your bike... hers a pic of the solo...
    definately horizontal-

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  19. RMWdave

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    to the left of the crankshaft theres a recess with two bolt holes, i wonder if you can get some parts to make electric start?
  20. pdxrhett

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    Well, here is my idea for an easy e-start.
    Just find an electric motor with enough torque and speed to be able to spin the shaft (similar to a pullstart), so that the motor thinks it's being started with a pull start.