14hp anyone?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by pdxrhett, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. pdxrhett

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    http://www.smallenginewarehouse.com...cc, Vintage, used on Ultralights, Paragliders

    That is my planned motor as soon as I can get the funds for it.

    I am going to buy it, the find a bike it will fit in (will be thick walled steel frame, probably mountain bike, not cruiser). I will be using a cent. clutch, and will probably have to have a sprocket company build me some strong sprockets for my rear tire. I would be using a jackshaft similar to SBP's set up so I could shift gears (obviously I would need a very strong thick chain from bottom bracket to tire).

    Still trying to figure out a clutch and reduction...

    Anyone have any ideas for a bike, gear reduction, sprocket manufactures, and the strongest, flexible chain? I could just do with a multi speed gear/clutch combo and go left side drive of course.

    Before anyone tells me to mount it on a motorcycle frame, or tell me this is stupid, I am doing it to be able to say I did it. And to be able to go really fast on a bike :evilgrin:

    EDIT: Got the idea from ocscully, and I am sorry if I just stole his wind
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  2. Egor

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    One thing you will need to take into consideration is the fact that that engine has no flywheel, it uses the propeller for that. I think that some of the members have broken the speed limit to the max with some of the things that have been made. It is a challenge that might be fun so go for it if you think you are up to it. There are not many bicycles that are made for high speed, some downhill bikes are good ones to abuse but they are expensive. Two strokes are fun and powerful, keep us posted. Have fun, Dave
  3. pdxrhett

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    Thanks Dave. That is one thing I overlooked. Probably lots of other stuff I've overlooked as well.

    Currently, my idea is to use an actual motorcycle frame, slap some pedals on it, and call it a bicycle. The problem is that it doesn't fit my goal of putting this motor on a bike :(
  4. Mountainman

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    you should be able to get that thing on a bicycle -- with not much problem
    it says that it only weighs 30 lbs
    that's a fine weight to work with
    have seen much heavier and much larger motors mounted on bikes
    from the old school -- 58 years back now
    they used to put all kinds of big things onto bicycles

    and ride those things
  5. pdxrhett

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    My worry isn't whether or not the bike can handle the motor's weight. The worry is can the bike handle that speed? That's why I want to go with a steel, thick wall, heavy duty frame.
  6. Egor

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    Worksman bikes are a good choice they are made for shipyards and industrial plants. They sell them at Grainger. I would like to use one for the bike I am building with a 4 cylinder outboard engine. It is an old one with an external mag and cool looking configuration. I would like to make it look like an old Henderson. I want to make a front end like the early Harley Pacer from the 40's. If I can get it done it will be a fun bike. Have fun, Dave
  7. nedwreck

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    Have you thought of using a lifan 125 28lbs 4 speeds alternator with electric start(!) 12volt system for lights and stuff. I've seen a price of 600 bones for one of these on the net. Happy Horse Power to ALL!
  8. Rileymoto

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    Yeah bro i am using one of those engines on a shwinn chopper!

    Its gonna be pretty cexy

    I got it for 309.45 on ebay!
  9. nedwreck

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    Happy horse power

    No Way! Pictures! Pictures! Keep us posted on build progress! On a more sensible note (I don't like it either but we have to) what are you going to do about brakes not just for safety but for overall rideability?