15 foot Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tjs323626, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. tjs323626

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    This is the biggest rattlesnake I have ever seen.

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  2. professor

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    Where exactly do those things live (besides "anywhere they want") ? I see palm trees.
    Well, we have a horrible winter but at least we don't have them.
  3. MikeJ

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  4. Happy Valley

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    Kind of a shame to kill a big fella like that but being in a populated neighborhood there's not much they could do. Thing is the citrus rat population will surge, and the rats love the neighborhoods.

    Was visiting my son in Largo FL some years back and we woke up to gunshots one morning. The sheriff's dept had shot a diamondback just about that size at the house next door, big a man's bicep in the middle.

    My son had citrus trees and the dropped fruit was all hollowed out by rats every morning so there was a reason the big snake was there. He had kinda let his yard get overgrown so after seeing that big snake I spent a day cutting back the weeds and brush around the edges to keep surprises to a minimum, lol. :grin5:
  5. ibdennyak

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    Aaargh, I hate snakes!!!!!!
  6. arkives1

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    Growing up in the mountains of Virginia I am familiar with these things. I thought that sounded way too large so I looked it up. The story of the snake is true but the size given is twice the actual length of the real snake (7' 3") Like so many things on the internet it has been exaggerated wildly, the pics are deceiving as the snake is closer to the camera than the surroundings thus appearing larger and the camera angle can enhance that effect as well. I just googled it and found all kinds of stuff about it.
  7. Bob Gurkin

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    Many years ago I was traveling in eastern NC and there was a radio report of a snake being killed that was 28 feet long and nearly 3 feet in circumference. I put it down to small town exaggeration and went on my way. The following week there was a newspaper story with photos of this huge boa constrictor that had died during the first frost of the year. The story went on to say that the snake was thought to have been one that escaped from a carnival the previous May. I have often wondered just what that snake ate from May to Oct.
  8. arkives1

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    There's a fella here on the forum who seems to have lost a dog..............:devilish:
  9. tjs323626

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    If your dog gets out here he's a goner. If a gator doesn't get him a snake will. There is a really big snake that stops traffic in the area when it crosses roads.
  10. robin bird

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    We have bigger rattlesnakes than that here in the Okanagan Valley (one was killed here in Oliver B.C.). I feel there is too much paranoia to kill them and some guys figure their manhood is enhanced somehow by killing them and showing their photo. Generally they are very timid and will hide or get away as fast as possible.They do a world of good to control the rodent population.
  11. ibdennyak

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    Well Robin.....you have just convinced me to cross BC off my list of places to visit. :jester: Actually, you are correct....snakes usually won't strike until they are backed into a corner. In my case, it isn't a problem....they slither one way and I run the other way. :grin5:
  12. tjs323626

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    Most snakes will try to avoid human contact that's a good thing. Even the rattlesnakes will flee but a water moccasin will usually stay put, holding it's ground until you get close enough for it to strike. I have killed 2 large ones in the past week. I have guests with kids that visit and have to be on the alert for moccasins in the yard. I have no problem with the other snakes here. I had a big king snake living under my house for years but havn't seen it for a year or more. I have 200' of waterfront and a swamp on my property. In the fall an aligator began following me but staying in the water. I will have to rope and wrestle him when he comes out this spring, soon. After that he will fear man and flee. On the other forum I am the Gator Wrestler.