$150 Motorized Cranbrook Stinger

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    A new friend of mine picked up a unfinished MB for $100 (photo 1). He gave me $50 to make it run. What a deal. Best pass on photo radar (1st tank) is 30 MPH
    IMAG0676.jpg IMG_1671.jpg IMG_1672.jpg IMG_1674.jpg IMG_1675.jpg IMG_1673.jpg IMG_1676.jpg

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    Looks good, but be careful: a stock 66CC 2-stroke shouldn't be revved much over 6K RPM. With the kit 44T you have in your pic, that's 26MPH.

    Over-revving is a quick way to early piston pin failure. These engines are not built or balanced to consistent figures.
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    Thank you. I'm not really worried about a replacing the head or piston, it's only $25. I do tune each engine, this bikes has a #73 jet and NGK long reach plug (old school head). I'm at 1100 ft, ridding in low 90 degree weather and I weigh 180lbs. I'm the builder, and I do ride them hard. I listen to the engine and read the plug after each pass. This was also a budge build and my customer did not want to spend a ton of cash. I make most of my money from selling parts anyways. My personal bike does have 32 tooth rear sprocket.
    IMG_1578.jpg IMG_1579.jpg IMG_1584.jpg IMG_1582.jpg
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    The before photo

    After Photo:
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    Being a local guy Leon I simply can't express enough my extreme disappointment you would let anything motorized with nothing but just a coaster brake, a garbage Huffy rear hub brake at that, out of your shop to anyone let alone our locals.


    Please put a front C-brake on that Crapbrook for $15.
    Not ideal but better than no brakes when the Huffy hub fails.


    If people start getting hurt or killed because you cut safety corners there will be consequences for all of us builders and riders.
    This is not rocket science Leon and you put a front brake on your ride because you know it's needed.

    Enough said?
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    Who is Leon?

    Yes, you are 100% correct about a coaster brake "only" being a major safety issue. I let everyone know that when the chain falls off, and it will, you will have NO brakes. Some don't care, some can't afford the extra money and others do it on their own. It's called freedom of choice brother, that's what I live in the USA.

    Hell, their aint no brakes brakes on speedway or ice racing bike. Maybe you should fiddle your violin to them. Or learn to ride.

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