$1500.00? 40 mph top speed? i don't think so

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by motorpsycho, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. motorpsycho

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    This occ chopper is on e-bay for $1500.00.
    stock carb, stock exhaust, and the guy claims that it has a 43 tooth rear sprocket. as far as i know, no one makes a 43 tooth rear sprocket.
    but he claims that it will run 40 mph......I personally doubt that VERY much.
    my occ chopper has a cns style carb, custom built high flow exhaust, high flow k&n air filter and a 41 tooth rear sprocket and i can just catch 30 mph. (i weigh 155 lbs)
    besides that, i think this chopper looks like all the other occ choppers out there because he used the engine kit gas tank all the stock parts, and that god aweful occ seat.
    He claims that he "souped it up a little", but anyone knows that you really can't do too much with the stock carb and exhaust. and if you port & polish the intake/exhaust and mill the head, the stock exhaust is not the best choice and the stock carb will not flow good enough to get the performance out of the extra work.
    i just think it's kind of funny...
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  2. Seems unlikely.
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    I smell misrepresentation here.... Not just a little but a lot..

    Also 4 ounces to the gallon is 32:1 not 16:1

    I see nothing about the sprocket size, did I miss something?

    Is there ANYONE here, no matter what they weigh, that can get 150 miles to the gallon? My 135# soaking wet son is lucky to get 100 mpg.
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  4. RedBaronX

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    ah, but he doesn't say "40 MPH"... maybe he means "40 KPH"... :D

    also, since it's "barely broken in" he has no right to make claims to it's fuel efficiency
  5. gothicguy64

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    just adding my 2 cents worth .....

    my old bike even tho it a mtn an shaft 3 spd nexus

    its motor was is a worked hp1 to a hp2 rocksolid motor 48 cc

    pipe is a street long for low an mid

    rear of stock 44 an i only got 64 kph ever

  6. motorpsycho

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    no i e-mailed the guy to ask what size rear sprocket he has on it.
    he told me a 43 tooth, and he did tell me 40 mph in his reply.
    he said that he "souped up" the engine, and he said that he could not give me all of his secrets.
    i think he's stretching the truth a little on the whole thing myself.