Tires 16" Pirelli ML 75 moped tires who is running them

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    I was reading over on endless sphere that a 16" Pirelli ML 75 moped tire will fit a 20 inch bicycle rim (im thinking hvy duty BMx) and still have the overall dimensions of a 26 in bicycle tire. Can anyone provide some more info on this?

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    I'm really keen to hear the dialogue of this topic, because i've wanted to find a more robust (stiff sidewall) automotive style tyre that could be fitted to my BoB IBEX rim, yet still retain the outside diameter of the standard 16 inch tyre.
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    A few of the eBike racers started using Pirelli ML 75 moped tires after Thud came out with the idea.
    Pirelli ML 75 moped tires are much smaller than a 26" bicycle tire at about 21"

    Here is the front row of the June 2nd SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing event on June 2nd.
    The only gas bike ( #3 )to use the Pirelli's came in 4th place only because #87 and #57 DNFed

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