Fuel Mixture 16 to 1 mixture at gas station?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by bikes4ever, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. bikes4ever

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    For me its more convenient to mix my oil right in my 2.5 L gas tank right at the gas station, since I go across town and who knows where...

    My question is for a 16 to 1 how much oil would I need to pour in my 2.5L gas tank? Any thoughts or ideas?

  2. bakaneko

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    If you bike is already broken in then 16:1 is way too much oil for it. I would go 24-30:1 and 24 if you are paranoid. There are 0.66 gallons in a 2.5L tank. What I like to do is buy one of those really small oil containers or get an oil resistant 4-6 oz container to bring with me and buy a big container of oil at home for refills. It is not economical to keep buying small containers of oil. 4-6 oz should be what you need for that tank. i would go closer to 4. also get the small containers of oil that has a strip at the side so you can get you exact oz if you want. they are available at walmart for like less than $2.
  3. bikes4ever

    bikes4ever New Member

    Yeah its already broken in, bought it used and the guy said he had it for a few years. Ok so I need to pour in 4 to 6 oz's for my tank correct?
  4. bakaneko

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    there are a 128 oz to a gallon. your tank has 0.66 gallons. at 30:1, this is 4.25 oz. at 24:1, this is 5.33 oz. I would go between 4 and 5. if you rev your engine to hell, then closer to 5.
  5. bakaneko

    bakaneko Active Member

    sorry im an idiot. its 2.8oz at 30:1 and 3.52 at 24:1 for a 2.5L tank. i told u the numbers for 1 gallon. so, i would go a little under 3 to mid 3s for high revving.
  6. libranskeptic

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    The answer to the question u should have asked is:)

    have oil decanted into a small container u keep on bike

    figure exactly (electric scales?) but remember by eye, how much of a container lidful (allow some for some sticking to the lid) of oil you tip in with an easily measured half a gallon from the pump (u tank is .66 gal i am told, so half a gallon should mostly suit).

    If u go over or under .5 gal, its only guessing a little- add 30% oil for a complete fill e.g..

    i used to just keep a pop bottle of premix fuel from home in the bikes drink holder. Always got me home to my fuel drum.
  7. KCvale

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    It's damn tricky to add oil at the pump, I don't do it myself, I keep a big can of gas/oil mix @32:1, 1/2 a cup per gallon.
    But if you need more than a 2/3 tank of gas for your rounds I suggest a bigger tank.

    They are not friendly to fit on most bikes, but a Wizzer tank holds over a gallon and not to unruly on the top bar.


    Or you could add a second tank...



    The point is to use your home base 32:1 fuel supply, and carry enough for your travels.
    You don't know whats in the tank and screwing up the mix is never friendly.

    Or switch to 4-stroke, no mixing required ;-}