$1600 Harley-style bobbers

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DougC, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. DougC

    DougC Guest

    Not a motor-bicycle at all, but anyway:
    A lot of people (me included) have pondered using heavier-duty gear for construction. This site seems to be making 110cc motorcycles using the imported 3/4-scale mini-motorcycle parts, and frames made domestically.

    WARNING! annoying music and video plays automatically!
    The video is about 3/4 the way down, and the music is all the way at the bottom of the page-

    The website says the frames have VINs and you can get a certificate of origin (which you need to obtain a title and register it) but they also say/warn that it is titleable "in most states", so you may not want to give them your CC# without verifying you can make it legal first.

    The engine size is under 150cc's which would normally qualify as a scooter, but it uses a manual shift which I believe (in Illinois) graduates it into motorcycle classification--the "scooter" classification is reserved for auto-shifting two-wheel bikes under 150cc's.

  2. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    I don't think these are licenseable. Sure you might be able to "title" them but they're not EPA certified so they would not be street legal.
  3. DougC

    DougC Guest

    It says on there somewhere that these are kits, not ready-built.

    Apparently--if the engine is already certified, then the motorcycle doesn't need to be separately, you just can't do anything to raise the emissions.

    It'll be interesting to see if any companies will get smaller Chinese motorcycle/scooter engines certified. Harley's got nuthin' there and the Japanese stuff costs too much. :/
  4. Hard Knock Bobbers

    Hi those are very cool bikes, I've seen one live. BUT they are NOT carb engines, and Cannot be licensed in CA.

    Very cool lil bikes, but, not legal here, and the ones I've heard of that are licensed, they were illegally done.

    If they were legal, I would put one in with the new 125cc 4-speed, and I would sell them too!

  5. See, now I know this is probably 'just me', but a bike like this and I guess the whizzer as well just plain confuse me ... my bicycle is a happytime toy plain and simple. When I want to get serious my full dresser 1600 Nomad rolls out of the garage ... If I had fewer bucks to spend than a $1500 True 450cc Yamaha or similar motorcycle (Fully Legel) would be rolling out of that same garage. I mean who for example would buy a $2000 SIMULATION of say ,,, a Volkswagon, when you could just buy a used volkswagon ,and a REAL one ? These Bobbers in my mind make a person look like they are some kinda of 'wannabe' person ... To me, if you're going to pay full price for a bobber or especially a Whizzer, why wouldn't you lay out the exact same dollar amount and buy a 250 to 650cc used motorcycle ? am I missing something here ? I've read wht the mechanical aptitudes and artistic skills are in here and I would bet at least 70% of us in here could purchase a 450cc used Yamaha for $1600 or less and have it looking equal or better than that 'Bobber' within 4 days not to mention full legality in every state and 450ccs to boot.

    I'm starting to think that the allure of these same price mini vehicles is to allay needless fears people have about getting thier motorcycle licence. They always show adults in thier 20's or older astride these vehicles but I think the marketing idea is to the 15 year old or people without licences ... but ,as in the Whizzer's case you need just the same licencing as an MC anyway ... and none of this logic even begins to mention what you can have in a HUGE motorSCOOTER like the 500cc Aprilia Atlantic full dressed touring bike I traded in for my new Vulcan 1600. As Spock might say ... "Totally Illogical Captain...."
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  6. DougC

    DougC Guest

    I would bet that the invasion of Chinese-engined motorcycles has only just begun. This particular example has licensing issues, due to the engine not being EPA approved--but sooner or later they will be, and after that happens they will flood the US market.

    Twenty-five years from now it's going to be easy to find lots of new Chinese-made cycles on US roads, and it's going to be rare to see any new Japanese, European or Harley.
  7. I agree, and it's because these Chinese motors aren't pretending to be anything other than what they are ... for a paltry $230 I kind of like to be pointed at,smiled at, and hear things like "oh how original !" or How different !" .... but at $1500 and up like the Bobber or Whizzer prices are, I'd rather just have them say ... "Oh!, there goes a motorcycle" ,,, and have them be exactly accurate in that statement ! ... On re-reading your post I see now that you weren't referring to the happy time type bicycle motors but to some form of legelized Bobber type or Whizzer ... if that's what you meant I'll change my comment to add that "yes, I again agree" ...but they won't succeed if the selling price only gives you something about 3 clicks below a real factory 200 to 500 cc used motorcycle or 120 cc New motorScooter (already available at prices around $1300)
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  8. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

    They are good looking bikes alright. I had a 110cc Chinese made 'Fatboy' for a while that I'd purchased 2nd hand in much neglected condition. There was a lot about its design and mechanics that were just plain awful so I removed the engine and wheels and sold the rest off. One day when I'm in the mood I'll build a decent chopper around these parts.
  9. WHizzer Licensing

    Wizard, the Whizzer in CA is a MOPED, NO insurance, 18.00 one-time plate (no stickers) supposed to have M2 in your pocket, tho many have no plate, and no DL.

    When and why is that the same as motorcycle?

    Please know, that the whizzer is rated 120MPG 30MPH and MOPED all the way.

    My 90cc honda (1972ct90) is a completely different animal at the finantial responsability level than my Model 09 Racer.

  10. If the Whizzer doesn't require all of the mandatory neccessitys as a small motorcycle, than of course my points in the post above are not applicable and do not apply and then ,,, yes indeed ... I could then certainly see why paying the same price for a Whizzer instead of a small regular motorcycle would be logical. My point was only about small motorcycle-like vehicles that cost the same or often more than a small fully street functional motorcycle or motorscooter ... However, in any State where the Whizzer would need full documentation, licencing,registration, financial responsibility exactly as any motorcycle , I simply meant in that case it confuses me why I would buy a Whizzer over a small cycle or scooter. I agree it's an advantage and a good reason to buy Bobbers or Whizzers or Scooters when the particular State is releasing you from all the responsibilitys needed to operate motorcycles and motor scooters ... What however, is the status of the original post , the 'Bobber ?" I don't think that one will get away with being a Moped, and looks for all the world like it will be treated as a cycle needing all the same paperwork as a mcycle I would think ... so that bobber probably applies to my point moreso than the whizzer .... I would spend $1600 and with a simple dupe job have a 400 to 650cc 'Bobber' or in fact, the basic Bobber doesn't even inspire me to need to dupe anything, although the challange of duping the green swooped version they show in the picswould be fun to mimic. I bet that one isn't $1600 !
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  11. Whizzers and moped and other Motorbicycles

    HI Wizard, I see by your sig that you are in San Fransisco, therefore everything I know about CA. Motorbycle law should apply to you, and indeed I sold a Whizzer into SF.

    Your china-fire motor bicycle, or ANY;

    less than 2hp
    less that 30mph on level ground
    capable of human propulsion i.e. pedals
    Single Cylinder
    MAX of Auto 2 speed trans

    Motor bicycle operated in Public in CA.

    WILL require State of CA form Reg.230 to be legal in CA.
    NONE of these homemade bikes are legal without registration PERIOD( yeah one of these {.})

    ALSO required is M2 or better license in pocket of rider AND helmet (state law unclear here, bicycle helmets seem to be allowed)

    There is far too much dis-information dissemanated here on a regular basis and we NEED to get a grip on the realities, state by state (ok Texas, don't try what I've written here)
  12. Uhhh .... Motorbike ... you know what, you need to read my entire post again.. I wasn't disseminating any information false or not ... you sell bikes and your tense I think .. my post, .... my point .... my meaning was simply about items for sale ... ANY ITEM in the world that sells for near the same price as something else that could be had either for the same dollar value OR same value in a more ROBUST form ,, than why not go with that more robust form .... In fact you have made my point even clearer with this post ... THEY ALL NEED REGISTRATION OR SOME LEVEL OF IT (not disseminating here just restating your serious warning)... so thanks to that info you 'disseminated' .... you have successfully stripped the $1600 Bobber .. the original topic of this post (no highjacking) of it's credibility ... again, 70% of the talent in here could make a REAL 400 to 650cc $1600 motorcycle (a full grip on reality type of ride) equal to that Bobber. Ya know, I love whizzers, I like that bobber, I love em all .... why make me out to be an antagonist? Neither of my posts points were about paperwork needs so attack those that argue with you about that ... Anyone reading both posts can see the point was about 'BANG FOR BUCK" ,not Laws. I see I could never be a Whizzer or Bobber salesman because I just wouldn't know how to defeat the type of customer resistence that asks "why am I buying a $1600 "Almost a cycle?" or "Almost a hunting knife?" or "Almost a boat?" etc ... etc ... I walk into my Safeway food store ... "That great taste of orange juice!!!" the label on the bottle tauts ... (At $2.99 a quart, ... why not just buy orange juice ? ... ok, now all the "like em ade" food vendors are next in line to also try to rip me apart I guess ..... step right up ... Actually it's easier to defend wanting a Whizzer ... a lot of people may not WANT or feel safe controlling a 200 or higher cc engine ... the topic was the BOBBER ... it's simply so much closer to a full sized motorcycle its simply my opinion that whoever buys one will soon learn the secret all we long time full sized motercycle riders learn ... 10 days later when the Bobber has 500 miles on it the buyer learns "hey ! I can DO this !! .. and wishes he had gotten a bigger bike .... and for $1600 dollars ... He could have ...

    Ya know Motorbike, I wouldn't think to spar with you about Ca. law and I again state that the only post I have ever made specifically about Ca. law regarding these chinese engines was to express a concern about the perjury comment at the bottom of the form that you state is the form that is the 'mandatory' necessity for running these in Ca. You're the expert,not I ... but I simply ask you a question for your expertise and consideration : Do you consider what might be the worse case scenerio in a police stop : one where the biker just states : Licence ?" Officer, how do I list the Vin or engine number ?" .... or this second scenerio: A highly informed officer is about to pass the bicycle and decides to ignore the small motor... then notices, and in fact, stops the bike specifically because he DOES see the plate, and asks the rider how he procured a plate for a bicycle without a Vin or (after inspection) without an engine number ? I believe there is a post that informed me they recognize only a (17?) number Vin ... so either a form listing a bicycle serial number will be rejected, or, if the biker actually manufactures a false 17 number Vin, he is even more liable because that vin number shows perfect intent at perjury. That you need some type of paperwork goes unchallanged ... that it's the $18 plate/reg form with the Vin/Engine spaces requirement is questionable.
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  13. Reg 230

    Wizard, If you submit your Reg 230, with the Name of the bicycle, name of the engine, and serial number of the bike, the registration will go though, no will not get a title, as CA does not title Motorized Bicycles, nor Mopeds, including the Whizzer.

    Several of my customers Have registered, and plated thier chinese engined bikes. As well as licensing thier Whizzers.

    It does work, and is not illegal see CA DMV website please see the website http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/plates/specialplates.htm

    The reason I am adamant about Motor bicycle registration, and Whizzer, and CA law, is I have explained this several times, and then along comes someone new, who is not up to date on the proceedures. It really is important that we do this correctly, and do not lose our Moped Status.

  14. Well ok then. You seem confident about it .... I guess I'll try it. getting an engine number is going to be interesting , or wait ,I see you said the engine just needs a name ..... (heh .. meet you in cellblock 4 for lunch.) It's a flat $18.00 right ?
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  15. License cost

    Hi Wizard, well the license was 5.00, and kept escalating. I think it's 18 this year, tho a buddy of mine just registered a wannabe phantom, with a wc-1 whizzer and he sent them 17.00 and they accepted it. Now, remembering, that the Whizzer does have an engine number, but that the frame has bicycle serail number. I have stamped DL# of owner into the front motormount of these engines, and used that for id. and if questioned, it is a theft ID.

  16. To bad thay cant go on the road.. But looks to be fun with a lot of work to be done.
    But if I wanted something thats thats te deal I'll pay litte more and get a racer
  17. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    There is no reason that those bobbers can't be on the road in most of the country- build it, save the receipts to prove the parts source, title it as a "homebuilt" or "assembled"- license it, ride it.

    I like the look- I'm thinking a good sized Briggs engine would be a neat look, though.
  18. Briggs vs. Monkey motor

    Hough, why might you want a briggs over a Monkey-Motor of either 50cc or 110cc (offered) or 125cc (availble in upgrade parts or complete) with 4-speed gearbox (auto or manual clutch available)?

    That lil, Chinese monkey would run the socks off af an old-style briggs. After all, this lil bike is actually a motorcycle, and the Monkey is a motorcycle engine.

    In CA. and I wouldn't know about the rest of the country, we have to worry if the CARB has been paid their blood money for testing, or the engines are NOT allowed on the street (in the motorcycle class) and, yes, Whizzer has gone thru the process, and is legitamate, and the Chinses 2-stroke did not, is grandfathered if in country, and is Illegal to import, wheather from Canada, or China, or places heretofore unknown.

  19. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    The reason i would like a Briggs is purely aesthetic- yep- I know 110cc engine would be faster, I just like the look of an overgrown minibike...and I would use a Comet torque converter just for fun.
  20. senseibruce

    senseibruce Guest

    Speaking as an old guy, (48) I have had most forms of wheeled transportation throughout my years, from that first tricycle I peddled around in circles, on to bicycles with training wheels, home made downhill go-karts, mini bikes, motored bikes to Motorcycles with sidecars and on and on.

    But I've always loved that wonderfully beautiful and nostalgic look of our first production motorized bikes of the 20th century. The Whizzer captures that spirit and has a well earned, time proven place in American history, thus it really deserves and should be considered in a separate class of it's own!

    In conclusion I'd just like to say, "It's wrong to apply lodgic to art!"
    (I'd of used all caps there but, I don't want to make Augiedog mad at me!)

    P.S. My honor requires that I disclose that I was born in L.A. Where coincidentally the Whizzer was born!

    I think the bobber is cool too. Perhaps you should think of it as step-up to getting a big bike. Also, It seems perfect for smaller adults that fear the size and weight of the big bikes.
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