$165 for a Complete 66 cc 2 Stroke Motor Kit | $158 each for Four Kits

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    $165 for a Complete 66 cc 2 Stroke Motor Kit | $158 each for Four Kits

    Yes, you read that right

    $165 for one New Complete 66 cc 2 Stroke Motor Kit

    Actual USPS shipping charges from CA 90680 ( should be less than $25 depending on your location)

    No other charges.
    You can pay with PayPal $165 + Shipping
    If you pay with a USPS Postal Money Order I will give you a $5 discount.
    You can pick up in person from North Orange County, CA for $165 Cash Only.

    Want to buy more than one kit?

    Buy one kit for $165 and get $5 off the second one
    I may be able to save you a few dollars on shipping 2 motors together.

    Buy 4 kits for $158 each
    As above you may be able to save on shipping over sending one kit at a time.

    Brand New in original box, a 66cc Motorized Bike Kit


    This kit looks to be either the same or very similar to other kits that
    are being sold here.

    • Complete easy to follow installation manual
    • Black Gas Tank 1/2 tank fill
    • 48 Tooth chrome sprocket with 9 holes
    • Magneto with kill switch (on throttle)
    • Drive chain idler
    • Low profile carburetor assembly
    • High quality main bearings
    • CD ignition assembly
    • 415 Heavy duty bike chain
    • Chain tensioner guide
    • Chain guard
    • Spark plug
    • Chromed exhaust pipe
    • Clutch Lever
    • Clutch cable
    • Upgraded Twist Throttle and cable with matching grip
    • This kit comes with 1 universal plate, for bigger frame tube
    • All the needed mounting brackets, gaskets, and hardware.

    I am standing behind these kits and am available to talk to
    you on the phone Pacific Standard time 9am to 9pm

    Please PM me for contact info.
    I have unlimited long distance and would be happy to call
    you on my dime.

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    Neil, open up a box and take pictures and post them please. A photobucket album would be great.
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    I am going to take pics of the kit when I get some time this weekend.

    I will open each box and check the contents before I mail them out too
    and of course you can do that if you pick one up locally.