$169 FRICTION DRIVE (WITHOUT MOTOR) anyone try these?

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by astring, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. astring

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  2. s_beaudry

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    I emailed them today 3 times and they answered back very promptly and answered my questions about this kit.

    I put my order in for one and they said it would be sent out tomorrow ans should get it by tuesday the latest (USPS priority mail).

    It looks like a pretty good setup for the price, but I will report back after getting it and installing it to let the site know how it is qualitywise...
  3. jg767

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    THE STATON KIT GOES FOR $249 MINUS THE THROTTLE CABLE, same 1/4 inch thick aluminum box. I'm tempted!
  4. astring

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    I have an eho35 on a goped that would match up nice with this kit. keep us posted on quality. thanks.
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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  6. astring

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    How can they make a profit at $149. That is a very thin margin.
  7. Happy Valley

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    I picked one up when they were on a back-order special. I have a Staton as well. I am planning on writing a review when I get the time to do it correctly.

    They are very similar in design, my guess would be the Staton was used as a template. There are some signifcant differences in materials and workmanship though.

    Are they adequate for the job? Most probably so, particularly considering price. It could be argued for a simple friction set-up more is not needed but there reasons why the Staton costs more.
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  8. pumpbuilder

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    Actually that setup has been out on the market back and forth for years and years. Much longer then Staton. Cheaply made, pretty much a friction version of the happy time, works but with "issues."
  9. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Really? First off, I have no stake in which is the best friction kit except
    that i would like to buy one.
    I would have bought one when BikeMotorParts was selling them for $149
    but he doesn't answer my emailed questions from a gmail account.
    Maybe he isn't getting them???? I will try another provider.

    What are the issues?
    Have you ever seen a BikeMotorParts kit?
    Driven one?

    I can see that the Staton kit is maybe better in some regards but
    the BikeMotorParts kit looks to be more than adequate for the task.

    Same 1/4" aluminum U channel
    Same mounting bracket
    Same lock down mechanism
    The 4 bolt engine mounting to the channel seems OK as opposed to the
    Staton bell housing
    The main difference is the friction roller
    Is there a problem with the freewheeling roller?

    I think your comparison to a "happy time" is unfair

    What do other people here who have one or both of these
    kits think?
  10. kerf

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    The roller selection is limited to 1 1/4" but I've found that to have good low end with the TLE43. The thing I've been interested in is the one way bearing that would allow a freewheel. That is one great advantage of the Staton chain drive, after the top, you can coast. That would be nice on a friction drive.
  11. Happy Valley

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    Yeah, so do I. That's not even close.

    Actually, these two items are not. There are a couple of other differences. This goes to my comments above.

    Looks like a rainy weekend, maybe I can put up a review.
  12. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I am really looking forward to your review

    Great to get a unbiased review from someone that has both kits
  13. Mountainman

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    sure looks A LOT LIKE my Station set up...

    wonder how the bearings compare ??
    other than that - don't see a lot of difference

    might - just might be the thing - to keep Station on their toes
    and price down ---- COMPETITION IS A GOOD THING

    thinking about buying #2 MB --- thanks for sharing...

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  14. Torques

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    Seriously the bearings are the kind you can buy at Lowes, guess where they are made? ... China. The bearing cannot be any issue at all. I would think the roller itself might be a discussion point.
  15. hill climber

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    the bearings wont be an issue but the roller,well, after many years in nitro rc with pull starts that use one way bearings, i would think this is going to be an issue to keep it cleen and properly greased is going to be a lot of maintanance, i'd bet almost every day or the gritt from dust is going to wear on the shaft, the part of the roller that set screws to the shaft. just my .02 hil climber
  16. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    does this mean both units use the same bearings from China ?

    I would go and look at my MB (Station setup) to check
    but - old Mountainman always has a hard time - finding his glasses.

    good thing that I don't need them while riding !!!
    a least that's what DMV said -
    when giving me the eye test - lady said - close enough
    told you - I can almost see...

    Watch Out For That Tree Mountainman
    as you ------- Ride That Thing !!!
  17. hill climber

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    i didnt say bothunits were made in china, just that the bearing,even if made in china of marginal quality, they should still give many many mile of good service.
  18. kerf

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    If drive roller support bearings are an issue, when they fail, replace them with USA or Japanese manufactured bearings. I've found if you will pop one of the seals and grease the bearings periodically, you will get good service from even the less expensive units.
  19. michaelb11

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    I bought one last week, I had it on in 15 minutes...The unit comes partially assmebled so you just have to mon the mount motor, the brakect/stays on the bike and away you go. I paid $189...the quality of the sytem looks excellent..i have never seen a Staton unit but it looks identical.

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