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  1. SABMAG] Death of minibikes?Thursday, February 12, 2009 8:33 AM
    From: "Patrick Mullen" <pmullen.lists@gmail.com>View contact details To: undisclosed-recipientsSo there is a letter being sent around urging people to sign a
    petition to get an exemption for minibikes from the CPSIA - Consumer
    Product Safety Improvement Act, which limits lead in childrens' toys.
    It seems the law is too broad and protects children who may be
    inclined to eat motorcycles. Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha have already
    instructed its dealers to not sell minibikes or parts, as stated in
    the letter to dealers on Motorcycle Daily.com (first link). Second
    link is a second source of information, as other sites online all
    quote Motorcycle Daily.


    Here's a link with even more info, with more vendors and reprints listed --

    Tom Self, US Representative from Missouri, has an online petition set
    up - http://www.tomself.com/

    As a father who has been counting down the days until I could buy the
    first minibike for my kids, I ask that you please sign the petition.
    I've put in the due diligence and believe this to be real.:ack2:

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    this legislation was done under bush in aug/08.
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  3. Simonator

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    I am confused as well.
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    The original intent here seems clouded by confusion.
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    73 yrs old and a Dad with kids too young for minibikes? How old is your wife?
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    I don't want pictures of that!!
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    What a bunch of bull****, somebody call Jay Leno
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    I signed the petition and wrote a letter (with links) to the Democratic Women's President here who is a friend of mine, so it can be forwarded to others.

    This is my thought... Anything that saves on gas will be banned, including my bicycle. We are fortunate that we have Tom Self on our side.

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    This reminds me of the movie "grumpy old men".
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    I love that movie.:grin5::grin5: