1911 Indian board track racer homage

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by cobrafreak, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Very NICE!!!

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    Wow! huge return on love and time investment. B
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    This will never do. We need a lot more pics. Great job.
    Of course, you know we will be looking for ideas!
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    And the build story.

    Looks fantastic.

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    Thanks. Unfortunately I received PM from one of the administrators of this site saying that pictures are not allowed in large format, such as mine are, so not wanting to break any rules here, if you go to this link:


    I simply have much too many large format pictures and info to have to convert to take over to Motoredbikes.com , so please go to Ratrodbikes for the photos. It would simply take far too long for me to convert. Ratrodbikes evidently has no pic size limits. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.
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    Cobrafreak all I can say is WOW.
    The detail is great and inventive and your write up as you did it was a help as people see it.
    I built a sidecar with a 1952 Monark Super DeLuxe bike and I said the same thing. If I can do it anybody can. I spent 43 years as an antique furniture restorer which did help with the sidecar but other than a lot of antique car restoration I was in the dark as where to start. This was the first welding I did in fifty years.

    Here is the photos that I took as I went. http://s866.photobucket. com/albums/ab228/speedy****/ The story part is in the archives of the boardtrack and vintage motorized bicycles thread under "sidecars", started by Mick29. I joined in on page 3, post 27 but it should be read from the begining. Starts as I finished it and goes back to the start.

    Waiting for a weather break since wet and electricity really don't go hand in hand. Rain and Steve don't get along either.

    Thinking Indian and a wicker sidecar build.

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    Unbelievable work!!
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    well done looks awesome
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    very cool
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    Here is a You Tube link of my bud Adam riding the Indian around my place. Before today he has never rode anything with two wheels and an engine. He did ok for the first time.
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  17. Beautiful bike! But I'ma go a little off topic here, in your link, I was looking at your pictures. Is that your Shelby Cobra? D: If so, I'm jealous. That's my dream car! Haha. Once again, beautiful bike
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    Thanks man. It's my dream car too. I saw it In a movie when I was 12 and it took me 30 years but I finally got a Cobra (replica). Wickedly fun!
  19. Sweat! Id probably cry if you said it was an original xD. How much do replicas cost these days? I love the car too, but my all time dream is a Shelby KR Mustang.
    Back on topic. What did you use to power your lights? I'm trying to come up with a continuous power supply for mine and searching for ideas.
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    Absolutely brilliant. A work of art.

    ps i like large format high resolution photos!