1912 Blake Bros.

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    I have done many designs with Taylar Motorbikes but wanted this one to be different from all the others. I worked on the design for about a month. I used an early Iver Johnson style but balanced the tank and corrected the frame and fork rake. The theme is my family (Blake) using my kids birth years for serial number and installing porcelain family crest on fender plate.
    I purchased some motors to test.
    Dan (Taylar Motorbikes) did all the hard work with fab while I stayed busy with all the artsy crap.
    Everything was built from scratch. I dumped a lot into this and it paid off. It rides like a caddy and may be capable of 100MPH. (Ive only had it to 3rd gear and about 55 mph)

    Kind of scary to ride at first since you need your left hand off the bars for clutch/gear shift. Right lever controls the hidden disc brake.

    brake 2 04242016.jpg

    If I am able to get my hand back on the left there is another lever for the front drum brake.

    All electronics are inside the "oil tank". The acetylene hose houses the wiring for lights.
    Choke, throttle and brake cables run through the gas tank.

    Is it street legal? 100% Well, unless you consider the motor is about 10HP too much, it has a 5 speed and the plate has been modified.
    Actually, it is registered and I used the DMV issued plate number to make a fake 1912 porcelain style fender plate. They have no idea (or way to prove) the size of my motor. As for the shifter, that may be a tad difficult to explain to a cop :)
    So far all is well. I have many of these and we ride the hell out of them. I do admit I am pushing it with this one!

    All I have to do now is wait for the seat (I borrowed this brown one off my sons Indian BTR) which has taken Heathers Leathers over 2 months!
    Still need to do some wiring for lights/bar kill switch.

    That is all for now :)

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    That is just plain gorgeous!.
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    Thanks, Art!
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    Ditto! Real nice ...great attention to details!