1913 harley for your veiwing pleasure.

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by siouxindian, Dec 6, 2013.

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  2. Fabian

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    Just the fact that the bike is in such good condition is amazing, but what blows me away is the list of fitted accessories with their complete parts list.

    That bike must be worth mega dollars!
  3. Soquel Flyer

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    Fantastic - Thank you!

    I give the owner BIG kudos cause he rides it as they all should be. They are motorcycles 1st, art second. The fact that it's ridden sends the value up a bunch as well. The motor sounds like new, I didn't know the carbs of the era worked that well. He was adjusting the spark advance as it warmed, you could tell he knew the bike well. *****en Harley sound and who knew exhaust cutouts were invented way back in 1913? What a fun hobby this is!
  4. siouxindian

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    that is one the most awesome motorbikes that i have ever seen .
  5. HeadSmess

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    another hundred years, it will probably still sound exactly the same :)

    whereas can you imagine a vrod or a R1 still running?

    look at the passenger seat! handlebars! classic!