1913 Indian Boardtrack Racer

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    I was chatting to a friend, Ken, (olkoot), earlier and he mentioned 'boardtrack' racers.
    He's looking for a suitable ready-made frame for a boardtrack build.
    I spotted one earlier, but it was $1500US, a little expensive for a HT engine setup.
    I'd never heard the term 'boardtrack' until Ken mentioned it, did a search and found the one below.
    What a beauty. 61cc, 3.5hp. Here we are almost 100 years later and our 66cc 2-stroke engines have 1hp less than this 61cc 4-stroke.
    Had to share it.

    Where can I get a seat like that?

    Here's the link to the original web-page, for those interested. There's a bit of a story.
    Who said 4-valve and 8-valve singles were new technology?

    ... Steve


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    I’m guessing that Indian is more like 61ci (1000cc).
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    Might be a typo, but then would it only produce 3.5hp?
    Not too sure if I'd like to pedal-start a 1000cc.

    ... Steve