1915 HD tribute rebuild

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  1. starcitypenguin

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    Had completed a 1915 Harley Davidson Tribute Bike. After wrecking it I thought that considering it had a Chinese motor and other foreign parts this gave no justice to a Harley, So I started a rebuild on the 1915 Harley and rename it to the Barely American Bike. With a Harley Style Logo
    That came from the original design
    Now I have repainted it a Gray
    and added a few touches like a rear fuel tank made from pvc holds a little over 3/4 gallons. Which I have researched and found the pro and cons. So after ride I will drain the tank it will help the tank last.
    And will cover the backtank with a nice saddle bag set from Amazon
    Redone the forward tank was a foe tank but now it is a real fuel tank .
    Then I have an analog speedometer that I have retro out to put at the front of the forward tank
    Have to put it all together and will be showing the finished product soon.

  2. atombikes

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    Your layback seatpost is threaded pipe?
  3. starcitypenguin

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    Yes 1/2 inch put small u bolt at back of seat to keep seat stable. works fine
  4. starcitypenguin

    starcitypenguin New Member

    Have bike put back together still have some tweaking and a few parts to add.
    Don't like the headlight bracket . Think I will make another from some rod material I have laying around.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    I like it. Nice work.

    Now I'll nit-pick a bit. It seems that you didn't want the insignia to actually say "Harley-Davidson" when it's not so. I agree. But I've never been too impressed with Hardly-Davidson or Huffy-Davidson and such. "Barely-American" is an improvement, actually.

    When re-painting time comes you might try some sort of faded Harleyish insignia with lettering that's not actually readable. But that's just my opinion. Yours might be different. And your preference will trump mine, naturally. Rightly so.

    Does your threaded pipe seat post have any 'bounce' to it? That could be handy. Though I'd want to make sure that seat is attached very securely. I'm having a hard time picturing your U-bolt attachment. Could you give some details?
  6. starcitypenguin

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    Well the idea that I wanted the logos to have a Harley flavor because the bike does have a early Harley look, but not to infindge to much on their logo. The lay back seat rides fine the U bolts are attached one on each side at the bottom of each spring to the cargo rack. That way I have stability and still have the cushion of the springs
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    New Update to 1915 tribute bike BA_Side_Front.jpg BA_Side_Front2.jpg BA_Side_right.jpg BA_Side_front_right.jpg BA_Side_right.jpg BA_Side_left.jpg BA_Side_Back_top.jpg
  8. starcitypenguin

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    Still have a few things to tidy up
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    Love the layback pipe post. Brilliant! But you really had me with the sidecar. Nice.
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    Noice. how fast can you move along with 2 people on that thing?