1938 Shelby Airflow



I'm thinking about using this frame for my next motorized bike project since I doen't have the rest of the bike and it would cost a small fortune to find all the parts to restore it.I think it would make a sweet start to a board tracker.
I could see a tank between those upper bars,and a springer fork.
It would rule.
Large Filipino said:
I could see a tank between those upper bars,and a springer fork.
It would rule.
especially the old style springer rather than the schwinn style...it would be sweet !!!
Yea i'm a painter at a metal fab shop and was thinking about building a tank and using a 40's monark springer on it
Yea for a while I was thinking about using this one. It's a 1936 Hawthorn Duriliam.It's all aluminum and might crack if I motorized it so I decided to restore it.
do i sense another thrash-session on the horizon for the PNW-Riders? :devilish:

i can already "see" it finished, JE, & it looks great :D 8)
That's awesome how everything attached to it is rusted silly. That's a cool frame indeed.
Justin, that is one sweeeeet frame! I can see that screaming down the road with one of those Monarch reproduction forks and a nice little tank that would slip right in there. Brown grips and seat...mmmmm, tasty!!
Je's new bike?

Hi Je, nice classic frame! I agree about that aluminum frame, NO Engine!I have a Hairpin saddle (repop of the penny-farthing saddle) available that might look great on that. I'd run either red or white tires, do the tank, 36 tooth front sprocket (most early motorcycles had small people sprockets). I agree with the monark springer for it's style, but if you really want to ride it, I think I'd use a Shockmaster, the postwar version only! Cleveland Welding Company's springer absolutely rocks!
You might be able to slip in a toolbox, or make a "filler" plate to go between the bobbed rear fender to drive away a little more of the "Bicycle" look? If you do a bobbed rear fender it is easy to make a drop-stand, i do them all the time, and we kick-start our whizzers on them.
One of the main complaints I have about trying to make a repop of a vintage bike is all the kit stuff is so modern, and the engine is tiny, and uncomplicated. I like to add stuff that diverts from what came in that chinese box. I just made a brass muffler for my 08 prototype, it looks cool, sounds great, and I used a very special, sound deadening material inside that is very cheap, and easy to use (air).
As long as that frame is sound, it looks VERY good.