1940's Sears Powerbike reincarnation

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    Sometimes I get bored very easily, so I spend lots of time on EBay just looking at stuff and this morning I came across this....

    Now keep in mind that this was originally posted in the 40's or 50's and that I would need to update it and make it ALOT safer (see attached pictures).

    Ok, now that you have viewed the pics.....what do you think???

    Here is my interpritation of the setup:

    6.5hp horizontal shaft engine

    centrifugal clutch with 11 or 12 teeth running #35 or #41 chain

    5/8" or 3/4" solid axle with 48 tooth sprocket

    drum band brake on axle (replaces missing rear caliper brake)

    (2) 11.5" x 410 x 5" wheels and tires

    Have to do some serious welding for the engine plate and supports to stay on, but it should not be too sifficult to set this up.

    Run a twist throttle just as our MB's have and run the rear brake lever to the band dum in the back.

    This would be the same gearing I had on my pusher trailer.... so torque and speed are not a question at all.

    The only thing that scares me a little is the asthetic looks of it, but I am thinking of casing it up maybe in sheet metal or something like that.

    Now, the legality of this...... keeping in mind that I live in SC and there are absolutely NO laws or legislation or regulations regarding bicycles or motorized bicycles, and that the law (cops and troopers I spoke to already) say that it is just a bicycle that happens to have a motor....there should be no problem at all for me here.

    I am seriously considering this....so ayone please chime in with any thoughts or considerations in this to help me!

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    I say go for it and keep us posted on your progress. You'll never know how it will work until you try it and if you have the skills necessary to make it all the better.
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    that's one heck of a motor bike there

    thinking they probably did not sell very many

    because even when I was young -- never saw one...

    plus looking through pictures of old MBs -- never seen one...

    I am thinking that this would be a very nice riding MB

    a challenge to build -- with a possible high return

    much fun when you ride that thing ------- MM
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    in the mid fifties i rode allstate step thru scooters produced by cushman and loved them until i stepped up to an eagle, there was no looking back. today i bought a sears free spirit for 125, it appears new.
  5. stude13

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    addendum; in the fifties you could buy allstate--modular house-motorcycles puch and harley sprint-allstate car and still have many pages left to wipe with. great for starting fires also. those were the days.
  6. Esteban

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    I have seen similar rigs made from a bike & an old minibike. They cut the minibike in half, just in front of the motor & adapted that to the rear of a bike. You are not going to get very high mpg's with it, though, as compared to the newer powered designs.
  7. s_beaudry

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    With my 6.5hp pusher trailer I was getting a little over 80 miles per gallon....

    With my 66cc HT, I am getting only about 110 miles per gallon.....

    When you add in the added torque and power, and no vibrations, the lesser mpg's are worth it
  8. Esteban

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    ALOT isnt one word its a lot. ROFL, bit of grammar for ya. So many people do it, i use to as well until my english teacher yelled at me for doing it and havent done it since. Anyway that is a nice bike, you should leave it as antique looking as possible and dont make it look to new.
  10. ZnsaneRyder

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    Sounds like an excellent idea!!!! Can't beat the power and TQ of a 6.5HP, and you won't need a trike to support the engine.

    How do you plan on getting the pedals to drive the wheel with the big engine on the back?
  11. s_beaudry

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    Good question...

    Being that South Carolina has absolutely no laws or regulations governing any type of bicycle, pedal or motorized, I am thinking to take the chain off and just leave the pedals for foot support.

    When I ran the 6.5hp B&S pusher I had, I honestly never pedaled that bicycle at all! Even from a dead stop going uphill!

    Or, I may run the chain to a small sprocket that is encased in something to give the looks that it is still humaned powered. But, I trust the laws here in SC and will most likely just remove the chain.