1941 Huffman Balloon Bike

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    After about an hours worth of haggleing with the ORIGINAL owner. i picked it up for 100. Has alot of rust going to have to go have it sand blasted. I;m goin to paint it its original color which was Seamist green with orange pin stripes. rear coaster brake is original and salvageable. original seat pedles fenders and rims. the tubing is 1/8 thick. solid tubeing at rear wheel assembly. only thing missing is the headlight.

    any ideas on pierod parts would help thanks. this model also had an optional gas tank. if any one would know where to find one.


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    Nice find! Even with all the work you'll need to do, it was worth it as the springer fork alone is worth what you paid for the bike. Regarding finding period parts, I would try Memory Lane Classics and bicycle swap meets.
    Memory Lane Classics has a website ( www.memorylane-classics.com ) but that website doesn't list everything they have. Contact them for a catalog.
    Swap meets are less common in your neck of the woods, and the closest one to you that I'm aware of will be at the Trexlertown, PA fire hall (near Allentown) on Sunday, October 3rd. This is a primarily vintage bicycle swap meet, not to be confused with the swap meet for modern bikes that is held at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome (also in Trexlertown) that occurs around the same time.
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    I know i couldnt believe it when i saw the bike. my local bike store is a used bike store. very unkept up with. the guy is pushing 90 have to dig in pile to find parts.lol so he had been telling me about this rusty old bike he had. so he brought it to his shop. took photos then serch out the serial numbers and placed it as a 40 or 41. only two years they used that particular rear wheel set up with the screw. i think could be wrong. the bearing in the hub spin like they were brand new. handle bar forks and springer all work great. nut and bolt assembles need to be chained. im going to have it painted at macco my skills are not that good as what this bike deserves. spokes need to be cut, rims are fine except for the rust not dents and spin tru.
    just have to find the headlight and balloon tires.
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    Here are some photo links

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