1947 Whizzer

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    First heard the sound of an idling Whizzer over 20 years ago at the Old Car Show held in Iola, WI. Found the bike at a vendors tent that was really tired in appearance, however that low steady idle had me hooked. Never heard of a Whizzer before, which then proceeded to a rapid history of the company from the owner. Was it for sale??? "No! Just brought it cause it's neat." He was right with that statement.

    Well, the search was on. Took awhile, but was able to locate one in which the older gentleman stated that his children and his grandchildren had no interest in it and it was time to lighten his possessions.

    Struck a deal and took her home. A maroon Schwinn bike with the heavy duty spokes, front brake, high finned head and a wonderful "knock". Rode it for a VERY short period of time, and then decided to have the engine completely rebuilt by a knowledgeable Whizzer mechanic in Schamburg, IL. Why, you could eat off his shop's floor. That's how clean and organized it was.

    Well, might as well repaint the frame and rechrome that what was needed. Upon stripping the frame, it was found that the frame was previously brazed and now was cracked. Repairing that eliminated potential castastrophy. Pulled the pedal crank out and inside the housing, it could be seen that the bike was originally an "electric-like" blue, which reminded me of my older brother's bike from when I was a child. Went over to a vintage bike collector and identified the correct color and purchased the bike paint templates along with the correct decals. Got to have those white wall tires also. Why??? They are just too cool.

    Haven't located an original Whizzer speedo yet so another speedo will have to do. Added the generator and light along with a Klaxon horn. "Make sure that front fender light works!" is what the vintage bike collector said. It does now.

    Welded up a display stand for greater stability and had Brush Boy pin strip the bike and stand.

    She's not a 10 point bike, however she's a real icebreaker at the local car shows with alot of the oldtimers smiling at the memories she brings back for them. You ought to see the looks from pedestrians I get as I ride by with my leather vintage helmet...Priceless!

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    man that's pretty... makes me anxious to get my whizzer engine back from Quinton. I just bought one a few days ago that I am building right now.... lucky us huh???
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    That is a good looking bike. I have never seen a Whizzer.

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    Drwhiz, Awsum, Beautiful!! I`m From Eau Claire, Wi Been In Fl. Near 20 Yr Now. Love The Winter`s Here, But This Is A Cool Rainy One For Sure! Oh, And Welcome. You Will Love The Forum.
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    Oh man! That is very well done!
    Thankyou for sharing.
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    That's a nice bike. Used to go the the Iola show every year. Wonder if I ever spoke to you. Always wanted the old FWD snowplow they had there too. Haven't been there in quite a while....miss it sometimes.:icon_cry:
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