1948? Columbia? Mom's bike

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  1. birddog1148

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    Here is my Mom's old bike, I think about a '48 Custom Deluxe

    Since I moved back to my home town I may try to restore it for her.

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    That'd be nice of you to restore her bike. Would it be for her or for you?
  3. birddog1148

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  4. KilroyCD

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    If you plan to restore it, remember that a bike is only ever original once. If it was my bike I'd try to conserve and preserve before attempting a full restoration. I have a Shelby Traveler in similar condition that I plan to just that with.
    If you want to know the year of manufacture, check the serial number and compare with the list found here: http://oldroads.com/co_sn.asp .
    If you're not sure where to find the serial number, it will usually be found either on the underside of the bottom bracket or on the left rear dropout.
  5. Esteban

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    Nice old bike !! I agree, it is only original once. Don't repaint it . Those old bikes had good quality paint on them. Compound & wax really would make that one shine ! Clean & remove rust from ther chrome & you will be surprised how nice it will look, && she will, too.

    Look at about the 4th bike from the bottom.

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    Esteban, thanks for posting that link! I'm a Columbia bicycle enthusiast (with at least eight Columbia / Westfield-built bikes in my collection) and I had never run across that site. I've got it bookmarked now!
  7. Esteban

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    You are welcome. I like old bikes, too. Too bad most nice ones you see are girl's bikes.

    The luggage rack is bent badly, probably from someone sitting on it. Sometimes, by just clampiing the sides, one at a time, in a vise, [ pad the jaws with a heavy layer of tape ] doing a little at a time, you can get it straighter. Take your time & don't force it. Is that an old speedometer I see on the handlebars ? The chain guard, & tank really show this bike well, so " make em shine !"