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    Found this guy and am wondering if the frame is pre or post war. The bike is in decent shape, has dents in the frame from an aftermarket kickstand that has since been removed. Also the drive belt contacts the frame and the wheel is out of alignment to try and correct the problem, I think the frame may be bent and am wondering if it is worth saving. Motor seems complete minus the air filter but I assume it hasn't been run in years. What do you guys think it's worth?

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    Here are some better pics...

    Serial number starts with a g don't know where that dates it as the serial numbers were repeated but I don't see any cwc markings before or after the numbers. Crank sprocket is also interesting as I have only seen one solar on a Dayton.

    If anyone has a link to a good air cleaner replacement or chain guard I'd be interested :)
    Plan on getting this guy roadworthy but leaving the patina on the parts, it'll have the rode hard but still kickin look like myself lol :)