1950s AMF Pleasure Liner build with Nos

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    ok so i should have had a pic of frame before i primed it but check it out. got frame for 20 bucks. could barely see original paint. spray can painted the frame to original colors. (lots of sanding) inbetween. the red is pinstipe not paint. then i cleared everything. made all the decals.the goods: springer front-end, chrome headlight, battery operated tail light . also custom fit chrome tail light (which was a turn signal for a 67 harley sportser) located at foot peg which is powered by a 6 volt generator. rear foot pegs, racer # plate, small 25 tooth peddle side sproket. suicide clutch, 36T rear drive sproket, custom exhaust. Nos kit with gauge. 49cc grubee black

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    Well done my son.... WELL DONE!