1952 Hawthorne bike questions and parts needed.

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    Hi all,
    I have a "1952 AMF Cleveland Welding built Montgomery Ward's Hawthorne Junior Unequipped (Or Tank) Model Bicycle" so it is a 24 inch.


    I am in the process of restoring this bike to make it motorized with a Whizzer motor but I am having some restoration problems and will be in need of some parts.

    I took my bike to a friend of mine that has been working on bikes for many years and he tried to help me get the goose neck off but told me that it would probably be better to just leave it alone. We have a new bearing set for it but the bolt is now warped. Should I leave it alone? If not how do I get it loose? What about the screw holding the fender underneath, that is stuck too? My friend said that the rust is acting like a weld. We have tried penetrating oil but to no avail.

    I have some new 24 inch Worksman rims that I will be putting new heavy duty spokes onto. I would like keep the "Flying Heart" skiptooth large sprocket but be able to put it on a new coaster brake hub as the old one is rusted solid. How do I go about doing that? Along these lines I would like an old vintage drum brake (from any old bike) with a dynamo if possible as I will need lights.

    I would like to remove the pedal assembly too but we are unsure whether or not it is reverse (left handed) thread.

    Parts needed:
    Chain guard (similar to orange bike pic)
    Bolt for goose neck
    Truss Rod for left side (rod that goes from handle bars to forks)
    Screw for front fender
    Skiptooth chain (new or used)
    Head and tail lights (similar to orange bike pic)
    Old vintage drum brake (from any old bike) with a dynamo
    Tank that would have come with the bike not a Whizzer tank (can be rusty crusty as we will be restoring and welding it to turn it into a fuel tank)(look at orange bike)


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  2. Cleveland Whizzer?

    Hi I have a similar bike. I got mine all in pieces unlike what you got. I do not think you will ever squeeze a Whizzer into it, if it is the same as mine, that I built for my wife.

    Here is her lil Cleveland.
  3. Traveler

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    You might look on MemoryLane-Classics.com for parts. I bought several Whizzer parts from them for my Cleveland bike, Whizzer project. You could call them and get a catalog.

    By the way, the only association I have with them is being a customer.

    Also, eBay is a pretty good source if you have the funds. Most vintage parts are pretty pricey. I have seen Cleveland headlights on eBay, as well as other parts.
  4. KilroyCD

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    As Traveler said, check Memory Lane Classics for many of the parts. Here's the link: www.memorylane-classics.com .
    They should have the truss rod, but you might have to buy it as a pair from them. The headlight that matches the one on the orange bike is one they offer for $5.00. It's the model 382 two-cell headlight. That tail light on the orange bike is actually a prewar style Persons brand reflector. Repros of that are currently available for $25 (including shipping) from Scott McCaskey at sm2501@aol.com.
    Memory Lane should have a chainguard that is fairly similar to the one on the orange bike. The one I'm thinking of is referred to as a "hockey stick" chainguard.
    As far as the chain is concerned, skip-tooth (or 1" pitch) chains are no longer in production, as Diamond (the last producer of them) ceased making them a few years ago. Used and N.O.S. examples are easily found (eBay or Memory Lane). You can get rear sprockets that are 1" pitch, but they will not likely fit any current production coaster brake hubs. You can get a Bendix with the 1" pitch rear sprocket from Memory Lane for $60. The Bendix would be a very good choice due to parts availability and ease of maintenance.
    I understand your desire to remove the stem in order to clean it up and install the new bearings. I've had very good luck freeing rusted components with Break Free CLP. Spray it down with that (repeat if necessary) and you might be able to break that stem loose. If the stem is beyond salvation, Memory Lane has those too.
    The vintage drum with dynamo is likely to be found on eBay, or by checking the CABE (Classic & Antique Bike Exchange) www.thecabe.com . They were usually made by Sturmey Archer, but other brands probably exist too.
    I hope this has been of help.
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    1952 Hawthorne

    Thanks guys for all your info and directions on my bike. I will definitely look on those sites and we are a member of The Cabe too.

    MotorBikeMike, Could I get some more pics of your bike. The stripe lines on mine are really hard to see and more pics would help guide me.

    Just to let you know our family has a full do-it-yourself auto restoration shop that includes a paint booth, welding equipment, and machine shop (with a lathe and mill). Modifying is not a problem as long as we have some suggestions on it. My husband already has a 2006 NE5 Whizzer that has been highly modified with the help of Bill Green in Washington State. Bill is building my motor to fit my frame and taking any steps to make it fit properly. I already have new rims that I will have respoked with heavy stainless steel spokes. I also have a replacement seat, an Elgin speedometer, and a vintage bike rack.

    We like the look of the skiptooth chain especially the "Flying Heart" sprocket that is matches up to. We do have a line on a chain for around $50 but we were looking for anything cheaper but it sounds like it is already a steal. Can you take the sprocket off of the rear wheel hub and putting it on a new one with coaster brakes? Does it screw off or is it a pressed fit? Could we find another one that is not rusted together and modify it?

    Bill Green's Shop earlier in 2009
  6. KilroyCD

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    Rather than taking the rear sprocket off and fitting it to a new hub, you can get the whole shebang from Memory Lane for $60.

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  7. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi powerwagonmaniac1,

    You should grab the chain for $50.00, as the last skip tooth [Diamond] I purchased cost me $60.00 plus shipping and I was happy to find it. I have a couple of used skip tooth chains that I will be re-working for current projects because good new ones are becoming harder to find.

    Have fun,
  8. bill green

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    Hi All after getting the frame over to my house we tried setting A whizzer motor in The frame... No way it will fit with out butchering it up... So there looking for same style of frame with more room for motor..Just an update...Bill
  9. powerwagonmaniac1

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    Bill we tried

    Hey Bill,

    We tried a couple of other small engine we had lying around the shop and still no go. Looking forward to getting Gizmo back.

    Thanks Bill,

  10. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi powerwagonmaniac1

    You need 15 1/2" from the pedal crank housing to the bottom of the bar to use a Whizzer motor. The majority of vintage 26" baloon tire bikes have such clearance. The only 24" I know of that will accept the Whizzer motor is the special bike made by Schwinn called the S10 model [rare].

    Have fun,
  11. powerwagonmaniac1

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    1952 Hawthorne

    Hi Quenton,

    we are looking for a similar bike to this one. I f you know of one for in expensive we would be really interested.

  12. powerwagonmaniac1

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    1952 Hawthorne

    BWBiker aka Brad (from The Cabe forum), came out last Saturday to help me with the1952 Hawthorne. We have been trying to get the goose neck out but it is stuck, stuck, stuck even with heat and penetrating oil. We will keep trying. Thanks for your help Brad.

    On Friday we took the Hawthorne frame to Bill Green to see if the motor would fit and found that it was a no go. I would still like to motorize it with some other motor. I want the motor to be old from the era of the bike if possible. The engine has to be less that 11 inches tall and can be a 2 or 4 stroke (4 preferred). Any ideas.

    I am also looking for a 26 inch similar styled bike with a tank (not a Whizzer tank).