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    I have a 1952 Whizzer Sportsman for sale. Everything is original. I am located in Scottsdale, Arizona. I honestly have no idea what it is worth. Please call me with your offer if you are interested in purchaing it.

    Jon Waggoner
    Scottsdale, AZ
    (480) 292-6611

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    TAYLOR MADE New Member

    is it still for sale?
  3. 52WhizzerSportsman

    52WhizzerSportsman New Member

    Yes Taylor Made it is still for sale. I will take $200 off the price for your gas costs if you drive out here. Now we just have to agree on a fair price. What do you think? Call me

    Jon Waggoner
    (480) 292 6611
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    Nice looking bike
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    Is the bike still for sale. If so call me Please 5596842603
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    I am most likely too late but would love to find one of these!
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    Prairie notice the ph# in the OP?
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    yes, I did but it has been a little over 2 years since this add was posted but I am going to give him a call anyway. Being a '52 baby I am going to try and zero in on one of these.
    thanks for the advice.
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    OK this one is sold. any others?
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    that looks like what I am looking for, I'll have to try and contact him but it is a bit far from the west coast.
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    Google craigslist national search and enter whizzer. You'll have lots of bikes to look at.
  13. prairieschooner

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    what search did you use? I tried this and found a few, lots of deleted listings.

    PS what do you know about the reproductions? any good?
    Also found a great looking reproduction Schwinn Black Phantom with an aftermarket engine?
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    I usually use the 1st one that comes up, posts are not in order of date so you just need to go through them. Don't know much about whizzers except they're cool as heck. Theres a whizzer thread maybe you can ask there.
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    '52 Whizzer Sportsman For Sale

    If you are still looking for a '52 Whizzer Sportsman my buddy has one for sale. It is all original and unmolested with the optional original HP motor. This is perfect for restoration or for a clean-up original. The original paint is "campus" green in color and it is in good shape and cleans up well. He tells me it runs and I used the kick starter to make sure the engine wasn't seized. It wasn't. It is located in Los Angeles and I can set up an appointment to view it and check it out.LMK http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k291/innprod/Camera Pics/554a09f4-7382-44b0-999f-690b605562c9.jpg
    http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k291/innprod/Camera Pics/0509131334.jpg
    http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k291/innprod/Camera Pics/2c1ae087-a42f-463c-b934-dd52b61e125e.jpg
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    yes, I am going to send you a PM.