1953 Hiawatha Seminole Board Track Racer

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    Hi guys,
    This is my first project. I have actually two in the works. My 1953 Hiawatha Seminole, and also my girlfriends undated Columbia NewsBoy. I thought I would post up some pictures of the bikes the day we bought them last year. Hers is in good shape. Mine has come a long way.

    The goal for this bike:
    80cc BGF motor (working on mounting it now)
    Coaster brake in the rear
    Drum brake in the front
    Whizzer gas tank for added capacity
    Huge head light
    Custom tail light (undecided)

    The styling is all worked out in my head. And the details will not go untouched. So hopefully I will be riding by summer!

    Nough said. Have a look as some pictures.
    Keepin Upful!

    Keep in mind this was the day they came home. I will be uploading straight to this flickr stream as I make progress.

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    New pics with motor mocked up! Check it out.

    Keepin Upful