1955 Harley K FOR SALE $3900 (FIRM)

BOTHELL WASHINGTON. Hey Guys, been out of the loop for a while keeping busy with demestic stuff and other projects. Have been weighing the scales of practicality and came to the conclution its time to down size. Purchased a 1955 Harley K model about 5 years ago and have been keeping it running all this time with hard work and love, but shes at the point in her life she needs an owner with more machanical abilities than I have. Shes had a full life with two welding repairs to her primary case (good welds), has been changed over from chain primary drive to belt drive, she smokes in the morning and leaves her oil mark when resting. Tulk her out yesturday for a thunderouse loud run up and down the street when the clutch outer linkage broke and had to push her home. Its a cheap part and easy to fix but Im to old and tired to keep messing with anything that isnt turn key simple. Make no mistakes it looks awsome but needs a seriose owner that can pull the motorapart and give her a complete rebuild. The bike starts fine and idles quite well but needs new clutch paul and cable in order to ride. The tranny does work fine and runs through all gears. The bike drips about nine drops of oil a day and after a week it gets messy, all new seals are in order. She has a + new tank, rims and tires, seat, lights, all fresh wiring (DONE CORRECTLY), shorter than stock rear springs for lower profile, Costom Chrome springer front end. If you dont know your older Harleys this is a 750cc. I built the bike in seriose old school bobber tradition. The bike is located in Bothell Washington if you live close and want to take a look up her skirt just give me a call and we can start her up for you. At this price Im giving it away and would like to keep it in the family forum. If you dont want it to ride drain the fluids and put it in your game room. Thanks Cory 425-489-4149 Oh Ya! Clear title!!!!


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What Is It!

Its a flat head overhead valve twin. 45-50 cubic inch depending on if was ever modified, 750-800cc. Tons of low end tork and lots of noise. Thanks for asking.
Thank you!

Sorry you had to clean up after me, wont happen again, and thank you.