1955 Roadmaster 79cc Harbor Freight build

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    This is the 1955 roadmaster after I restored it to a bright apple red paint with Black springer's and a white accent on the chain guard . Once the hubs and pedal crank was greased , this bike rolls like a new bike . Now for a peek at the motor that I am installing in this beautiful bike .
    2013-08-30 14-40-46.329.jpg 2013-08-30 14-43-15.559.jpg 2013-08-30 14-43-41.334.jpg 2013-08-30 14-43-55.597.jpg 2013-08-30 14-41-13.879.jpg 2013-08-30 14-41-26.853.jpg 2013-08-30 14-41-45.902.jpg 2013-08-30 14-42-13.622.jpg 2013-08-30 14-42-24.318.jpg 2013-08-30 14-42-33.541.jpg
    More to come once I get motor installed. Awaiting the package that has my custom made motor mount .
    This box also contains a custom made dual Exhaust , custom made carb adapter, and my air filter and gas tank . Also included in this shipment is an oil catch can . Im not sure how to make a thread in here about my build but I have a thread on another site I can link you to if you wanna see the build process up to this point . http://motorbicycling.com/showthread.php?t=49639

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  3. professor

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    Lovely work.
    I do hope you put decent brakes on it (one day you WILL need to stop- right now) and mufflers or muff inserts.
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    I also recommend disconnecting the stock killswitch and wiring it to a switch on the handlebars. If your throttle were to ever get stuck, the only way you're stopping is by shutting off the engine. In a panic, you want to be able to kill the engine quickly with a press of your thumb. I used an ht kit killswitch, disconnect the wire from the stock killswitch and connect it to one wire from the kit killswitch, then connect the other wire from the kit switch to ground. Works exactly the same, just much easier to use.
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    Did lab chrome that pipe?
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    Really nice job. Questions. What adapter is used and do you have a chain tensioner or got lucky on length and where might I get an adapter, I have 2 similar carbs. My bike only goes 35mph. at best
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    The only thing missing is an in-frame gas tank.............
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    Look who's back! The warrior