1956 Simplex Automatic for sale or trade

I have decided to sell or trade my 1956 Simplex Automatic bike. It has been totally restored. It starts runs and rides nice. It is not an original color it is white, but looks very clean and smooth. Tires are new but showing signs of cracking on sidewall ( I don't feel a real problem) All chrome has been replated or replaced. Leather seat cover, and it has the rear rack. Overall a very nice collectable bike. I will consider trades of an older model Whizzer or other interesting motor bikes or scooters. It is located in central western Oklahoma. You may contact me e-mail drillmotordave@yahoo.com or my cell is 580-243-9008 I am asking $5,000.00 or best cash offer. These bikes usually go for $6-6,500.00 restored.


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Nov 4, 2006
sorry...money is not right and kidneys still working....
hahahahaha (I'm keepin my kidneys!)

that is ONE beautiful bike. My neighbor restored 2 of them, a couple years ago. The bikes sit nice! (I never got to ride one)
I wish I had a pocketfullofcash to spare.....we'd talk. :)
It's too pretty to ride & too cool not to!

Does this bike have a title?
a VIN number?
how many cc's? 125 ?

the lack of pedals & the cc's make it a motorcycle.

Yes...it's show quality......but we gotta ride it around, on the weekends, all legal & grinning!! :D

Dave Beck

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Feb 22, 2008
I does have a vin number it is M2193013 it is a 125 cc but not much power will run 30-35.....I do ride it....smoooth ride, starts and runs well.