1957 gear drive chainsaw custom Rollfast bicycle

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  1. rodnmo

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    I have a 1950's model Rollfast bicycle that I put a 1957 David Bradley ug4 gear drive chainsaw motor on. Its a 77cc 4hp motor with a reed valve carburetor and will do 40+ mph(way to fast lol) custom kickstand and motor mounts. it has 17 inch rims and tires from a Puch moped. It is my second motorized bike build. I hope you all enjoy the enclosed pics and I would appreciate any feedback, thanks.

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  2. Timbone

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    It's amazing how aggressive and raw you made the finished product, considering the old school cruiser frame. Those moped wheels are great additions, too. I like this better than 98% of the motorcycles I see! Congrats!
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  3. sdframe

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    You just flat out got it right, dude. That seat looks comfortable, but a vintage seat would really set it off. Well done!
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    Thanks for the comments. Its still a work in progress, I'm working on putting a rear fender on and possibly an in frame style fuel tank. I also have thought about moving the seat position back but I like the way it rides now but a vintage leather springer seat would look good.
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    Looks great! Huh, a Chain saw motor. First time I've seen that on a bike :D
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    I like using the older vintage or antique motors, I have another bike that is powered by a 1937 Briggs and Stratton kick start model WM ,the wm stands for washing machine, it was used to power washing machines before most people had electric.

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    You have a couple of really sweet rides there Rod, what fun you must be having with them. Great imagination...
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