1958 puch ms50

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  1. bconnors58

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    just picked up a 1958 sears alstate puch ms 50 two speed shift on the handlebars for cheap had to shovel out shed to get cool bike fan on engine cools engine 1980 last time on the road going to try to get it running when I get it shipped in let you know what happens will post a picture later brian

  2. darwin

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    Any pics? I like old school mopeds, they'd last forever if you took care of them.
  3. wheelbender6

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    Sounds like fun. If you get stuck, they can help you at moped army.com
  4. HeadSmess

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    who is brian?

    major lack of pauses in that sentence...

    stop, hit enter, and think a little between words! even read back over what you wrote!

    you shovelled out the shed to get a cool fan from 1980 on the handlebars???? seriously, WTF?

  5. butterbean

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    Brian is the OP, it's a two speed with a shift lever of some sort on the handlebars, he had to shovel out a shed to get it, the engine has a fan to assist in cooling it, and it hasn't been on the road since 1980. Sheesh, I'm usually the one who complains about jumbled sentences, and even I could figure out what he was saying without getting a headache. It ain't brain science.
  6. Loose Nut

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    I would love to see some pics this project. The 50's mopeds are a lot cooler than the 70's ones, in my view. Moped Army is a great site for information, but it's useful to have a thick skin, and read a lot before asking questions. I still see the old Puchs on the street here in Holland at least once a week. I gotta ask, if you dug it out of the snow, why are you having it shipped?

    This is THE place for parts: https://www.treatland.tv/new-puch-peugeot-motobecane-vespa-moped-parts-s/88.htm
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  7. HeadSmess

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    :jester: chinglish is in fluent this man be! :jester: worry not be yourself read sentence well perfectly did i do! is posting previous proof read not acceptable, argument sustain!

    (i stand by my argument, that whilst i knew exactly what he was saying, proof reading BEFORE posting, and use of punctuation is always a nice thing to do)
  8. HeadSmess

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    and the way i read it...(read as in reed or read as in red?) he was saying he got it cheap, but had to clear out his own shed to get to a fan he had in storage in case he came across a suitable bike and engine?

    iunno. all this guess work makes me thirsty.

    lets say he WILL be RECEIVING a puch with a two speed, handlebar mounted, manual shift box, and somewhere along the line it should be fitted with a small cooling fan, it hasnt been started since 1980, and if he gets it going, brian shall take then post pics which saves me the effort of finding that "useless without pics" icon :)
  9. wheelbender6

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    If I want to read perfect grammar, spelling and diction, I'll log into a literary site or download a transcript from Frazier episode. I'd rather read posts from motor heads, even if I have to do a little interpreting.
  10. max350

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    Maybe Google translate :) http://www.oddee.com/item_98468.aspx

    Link http://mo-ped.se/puch/puch.htm http://mo-ped.se/puch/puch1.htm

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  11. max350

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    Or if you live in sweden http://www.puchverkstan.se/
  12. bconnors58

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    just for people who want correct English I just bought a 1956 puch ms 50 it is a two speed it has a clutch and a shift control lever on the left side of handle bars there is a fan on the side of the engine that cools it down I had to shovel the shed out where I bought the bike then i had to get it shipped to town I was driving a small car when I bought the bike got a lead on a 1958 norman nippy pictures to come thanks brian
  13. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    :rolleyes7: now its a '56 and even better!

    its not the ENGLISH, every word was spelt correctly... syntax and grammar are the issues.

    :) its just that, see, with a wee little more time spent on the posting, it has now developed into a perfectly clear and concise type of thread, with no confusion caused... :)(other than...is it 56 or 58?) otherwise...why even post?
    YOU know what you want to say, its inside YOUR head... WE dont, for we are not inside your head! have you ever opened an instruction manual and asked yourself...WTF? well, in this case...YOU are writing that manual. WE are saying WTF...

    (ill ignore the punctuation cus i dont use it either :p and my first language was not english, btw. i learnt the hard way. its a silly language.)

    i eagerly await some pictures :) before and after pics are nice, and yes, we can wait for years for the "after" pics ;)

    and trust me...the new post, with no full stops...i could seriously make it say another thing or two by using fullstops in appropriate places.

    yes, i am a fusspot, but its for the general good of forum posting! so i tell myself... :jester:
  14. HeadSmess

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    watch this...

    not terribly difficult, sorry to come across as a ****, but im sure that edit is very easy (to) understand!
  15. SilverHeels

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    Hey guys,
    Speaking of MS 50s, it seems I snagged a Luxury model. It has little saddle bag...

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