1968 stingray Choppers ( thought people would like these)

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    HI!.. Just finished my first DACS kit on a Diamondback frame, not exactly opening the box and bolting it together is it?...MANY adjustments and improvements i found on this website...Thankyou everyone ( if it wasnt for the knowledge in these pages im sure i wouldve sold the kit on ebay and built something else. A few engineering flaws had to be corrected. This kit was just enough to give me the "bug" again. I love the pics of the 1909 style racers people have built. If the parts fall into place my next project will be a tiller steering car kinda like a 1907 Oldsmobile with a 5 horse Honda from my old pressure washer...Its great to do this stuff again. Am sure i will have a garage full of running toys within a few years...Here are some pics of bikes my friends and i built in 1967 and 1968..I know they dont have pedals so im not sure if its ok to post these pics. They do have Briggs & Stranton engines, Scratchbuilt springer forks, Long dragpipe exhaust, Manual roller skate wheel clutch, Am/Fm radio (could only hear it while parked), Moulded frames,on and on and on...My sincere apologies to my old neighbors for all the noise we made during those 2 years...

  2. Ed Johnson

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    Looks like i have to rescan my pics so they will fit....My apologies. Will have them posted within the hour if anyones interested. Thanks.
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    I am interested in pics
  4. seanhan

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    yes please post them ...
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    Sorry for the delay...Have to compress the scans and figure out how to do post pics...was emailed instructions...will post tomorrow..Thanks for your interest.
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    post them online on photobucket, then copy the link to the pics...then you can attach a url...no resize needed.