196cc Engine Use

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Galactis, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Galactis

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    Looking for a larger engine for my macardi Pather frame.(Or Helio http://heliobikes.com/store/Motoriz...icycles/Basic-Beach-Cruiser-2-Stroke-p48.html)
    is this even a 2 stroke engine...
    Let alone possible to use for a motorbike?
    What muffler should i get for high performance if its possible to use.
    I wanna race my motorbike, have that in mind!
    I have a 550$ limit in upgrades.(Please List Things i Need and estimated Prices :D:(:D

  2. Barnfresh

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    Sorry but that is not a 2 stroke engine. Although you could very well shoe horn that big thumper into your bike, unless you have mad fabrication skills your 550$ limit will be gone in no time. Let's say you manage 50 mph with whatever mods you come up with, have you given any thought on how you're going to slow down or stop with just a coaster brake?
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  3. Galactis

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    epic fail lol
  4. blue 48

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    id be putting that in a small motorbike frame with those cc's that way youve got the brakes that will hold up to that kind of power also what kind of drive setup you thinking?