1970's Bicycle Fairing (NOS) on the 'Bay

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  2. seanhan

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    Thats a blast from the past

    My Dad had that Hi-Jacker shocks sticker on out car back in the day..
    I think they were air shocks...
  3. Hawaii_Ed

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    I recall a friend of mine having something like that on his bike when I was a kid. Wind resistance is my biggest problem on my bike. A stiff head wind knocks 5MPH off at least. A good fairing would be a huge plus!
  4. augidog

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    sean'...yup, airshocks. sheesh, we had stickers everywhere back then...STP, cherry-bomb, hijackers, thrush...

    this thing looks pretty "flat" from the side view, so all the good i think it would do is wind-protection...and of course it could be pretty bling with some work.

    Ed, my "raptor" headlight fairing does provide some small benefit, and when i was shopping i saw a few small motorcycle fairings worth trying, too.
  5. DougC

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    There's two companies I know of that do higher-quality bicycle front fairings:
    Zzipper- http://www.zzipper.com/index.php
    Mueller- http://www.mueller-hp.com/

    Most people who've owned both say that these companies products are roughly comparable in price and quality. Both use blown polycarbonate for the windscreen material.

    Also--both of these places will sell the parts separately, so you could just buy a suitable windscreen and then make the mounting parts yourself.
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    Ahhhhh yes, the original "sticker performance" age of the 70's. (before VTEC and "Type R") Remember the 70's Mustang II "King Cobra" and all the graphics on that car? The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with the "screaming chicken" on the hood? I think my minivan has more horsepower and torque..........

    I remember a lot of cars with those stickers plastered all over them to make them go faster.

    Don't forget Hooker headers!
  8. Hawaii_Ed

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    Those look pretty wild doug!
  9. augidog

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    i remembered hooker but it was too late to edit my previous post...did ya know those stickers made lunch boxes faster, too? :jester:
  10. robin bird

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    As you can see my avator is" Mr.Horsepower" the woodpecker with the cigar. And yes it does make me go faster!
  11. loquin

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    You want a fairing???

    THIS is a fairing... :)

    This puts a whole new twist on the phrase "bringing home the bacon!"

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  12. augidog

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    too cool!

    and all the safety gear, too...looks like a solid ride & a great expression...i LIKE it :cool2::cool2: