1973 Schwinn Twinn Deluxe Tandem

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    I am not going to motorize it yet.

    Seller Photos, lot of rust on the chrome

    After polishing it up, she is taking shape (have a lot of S.A. items on the way, a.k.a. Schwinn Approved) and will add more photos as they arrive and I attach them.

    I am not certain what kind of motorization would be best (leaning towards an electric hub up front, unless somehow I can get a good motor up there - GEBE?). I have a vintage S.A. folding double rack coming for the rear (hoping the rear generator will not be in the way), as well as a deluxe touring bag for the captain's seat, and a larger bag for the stoker seat to hold tools and such, and a rear reflector - seems these things are known to get broken off via garage doors and such.

    Feel free to toss in ideas, but keep in mind I have to make it a legal ride. Why motorize a 1973? because it does not need a title (VIN) for a tag! Tis' a joy living in Alabama.
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    Waveygravey motorized his tandom and used a rack mounted motor. I like you're 73.
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    I know this sounds a little crazy. But how bout 2 jackshaft set-ups from ghost and Pablo?
    What kind of budget?
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    I do not really have a budget, although I have been keeping a rough cost of what I have put into it (~$930 and growing - mainly due to keeping the Vintage Schwinn Approved image).
    ~$467 on Bike (including shipping)
    ~$20 on Cleaning Supplies
    ~$15 on Grease, Foot Pump, and Air Gage
    ~$50 on on Bag
    ~$80 on rear Bag
    ~$36 on another front bag (impulse buy, NOS of the one I spent $50 on)
    ~$120 on Rear Foldable Crate
    ~$32 on LED Screw in Bulbs
    ~$30 on Rear Reflector
    ~$80 on Speedometer
    ~$Many hours of time polishing, greasing, and adjusting

    I've yet to ride it into work, just small trips around the block. Too much rain this past week, and I finally greased the front and rear wheel, sanded the atom hub brake, and put it all back together (breaks work good now - not great, nor poor like before). Before I refused to ride it long distance due to a bump I noticed when riding it solo. The rear tire was not properly seated on the rim (had a flat spot, re-airing it did the trick to remove it), I found a burr on one of the bearing washers (removed with a razor blade) and a bad tooth on the stoker gearing (fixed it with my mini grinder). I rode it during one brief period between the rain, and the bumping appears to be gone - no clue which of the three was causing the problem (did it also when I did not pedal, so probably the burr or the poorly seated wheel).

    I would still like to keep the vintage bicycle image (opaque blue, black leather, chrome). Over the long haul, my budget is open (no CC debt, just 2 house payments - one is a rental been pumping $1k to principle each month to get it paid off by the end of next year) though my next big budget break does not hit until December (prob ~ $1.5k).

    With all the storage, going electric is not entirely out of the question - maybe a front mount GEBE instead though (still need to do those measurements)? I'll keep the Ghost & Pablo in mind though. It might work up on the Captains crankset (if I can get another tandem crank set to rob the stoker gear from, or does that thing come with an attachment for the crank).

    Edit: Thanks for the heads up on the crank attachment coming with it, but I think the steel axle kills the pre-requisites (have to see if a new one is compatible with my old hub). G&P at least sounds like a viable possibility, and I could keep my storage and give it a real vintage MB look.
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    Comes with the crank attachement also.Very nice setup. I saw them in action at the Rally last month. They where keeping up with my Whizzer motorbike.
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    Oh you mean TWO motors, one on each crankset? Twice the power, twice the maintenance, twice the price, twice the looks, hum it sounds... interesting but I think I would sacrifice looks for increased mileage. You are right though, it could look great and you would never get stranded due to an engine dying (because you would have a backup, and nobody says you would have to run them both at the same time due to the freewheel capability (if I correctly understand how this engine setup works) - it could just be sitting there if you ever needed to climb a mountain, then engage the second engine - or just use the second for extra takeoff power and shut off the second when you reach a good cruising speed).

    So for the states that have restrictions (me I got to go all motorcycle registered so the question is mute for me) would two separate engines under spec still be legal, ie. 2 - 49CC engines for a under 50CC state? This sounds like a fun project! I wonder if G&P give a discount when you order two kits for the same bike.
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    Where are you getting your parts at? That's $430 right there!:shock: I meant future budget, but thanks for the insight.
    I've only spent $500 on my electric bike.

    You workin' with about $500 more? Correct?

    Yes! I mean TWO motors! As for maintenance concerns. I believe if you ALL of suggested steps here. You can get the Chinese out of them. I've seen claims of 3000 - 5000 mi on them. (I don't have one myself. I will in the next couple of months.) But, as you said, if one lets you down you've got another!

    I think that is the only engine that may need it. Set up the 2nd in the traditional manner. But I believe you would need a 2nd freewheel crank available here: http://www.cyclone-tw.com/order.htm (last pic before list)

    Full motorcycle registered, I wouldn't worry about it too much. A lot of states don't even look at your bike. The gas hog Prius' has 2 motors. But of course check your local laws.

    I don't think you would need 2 complete kits. Just one kit and 2nd motor.

    I have more ideas about the controls. Is there goin' to be one rider primarily or 2?

    It think it would make a really great ride! I'd like to do one myself. But I currently have 2 obstacles; time $ money LOL!
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    Nice tandem, but those bike part preices, even original Schwinn are STEEP ! Join this forum for Schwinn info, parts, help, etc. BUT, they won't like the idea of putting a motor on it !! Maybe don't even mention it !
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    I'm not sure HT's will fit. Post a pick in the 2-stroke section and ask.
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    I asked Ghost0 if he forsaw any problems.

    "Quite a few actually. First you could only put a motor between the captain and the stoker. There is no way one would fit in front of the captain. Second due to the chain and crank arrangement on that bike it would be close to impossible to work the freewheel crank into the equation. I might suggest going with an electric hub motor in front and a rack mount engine on the back. I think that would be a good set up. Let me know if you need anything else."

    Maybe another tandem frame would work, but Ghost0 does not think this one will support it.

    Bad/Good news though my costs are dropping. The $80 Speedometer I'm sending back, trash behind the glass in the speedo - and looks like it has flux leftover from someone soldering the tabs that hold the frame in place, cable is frayed on both ends, and where the mechanical attachment goes onto the wheel is bent. I'm out ~$14 for shipping it both ways but at least I got some more money back in my pocket (was sold as working, excellent condition - see it as working poor condition).

    To clarify, in December I get a nice $2.6k stock check, figure $1.1k will go towards bills and such (tis' where I got the $1.5k from for "extra" bike budget). Looks like it'll prob be a front electric hub (or front GEBE build). I'm not doing a rear rack motor because that space is useful for other things. I've still got plenty of time to plan something though.
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    I had a some geek friends that worked at Intel & Microsoft tell me there was no way I could put a ATX motherboard in a microATX case. But I did, and looked killer. I'm sure someone told the Wright Brothers man can't fly. But they did. It all depends on your skill level and stubbornness.
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