1982 Schwinn Heavy-duti/McColloch 82cc

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by RatSchwinn, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. RatSchwinn

    RatSchwinn New Member

    Howdy all!

    Started the first stages of the build. Bike I bought for $10! and the "McColloch Super pro 81" Chainsaw for $8 bucks So I'm off to a good start.
    Got a few concerns: Will a bike chain/sproks take the load, rpm, Hp? I did mild hot rodding to the Engine should be Right around 10hp I hope!
    This thing should scream!

  2. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    I would use friction drive with the Mac motor. Check out the rack mount sub-forum.
  3. SunkyWorks

    SunkyWorks Member

    ChainsawBicycle has built 7 of these monsters:

    If the clutch dia. is not too big, some have done a friction drive on the clutch bell.