1991 Trek Aluminum w/ front suspension

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  1. Fast Shag

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    Runs like a bat outta hell! piston and jug ported, matched, 6.0 high comp head, 41 tooth sprocket, del clone carb, tops out so far @ 38 mph with a little left left in the throttle. got header tape on it now.....

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    ever burn your leg on the pipe?
    what are the port durations?
    save yourself a trip to the hospital and put a front disk brake on it. :ack2:
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  3. Fast Shag

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    got header tape on it now, but yes, once..... let's not get all techy on me. raised exhaust 1.3 mm, widened by almost 4 mm, lowered intake 1.5mm, widened by almost 4 mm. I played with height of exhaust til I like the top end max rpm without making it fall apart on me. cut piston skirt flush w/ top of intake, piston ported to allow transfers to be all the way open and same with exhaust. vibs are low throughout power band. top end screams. I don't run WOT too much, great low end with plenty of top end power.
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    [video]https://youtu.be/XiWdUMXkty8[/video] Some dirt and pavement riding, great up hill climbing, RPMs get high at end but not fully....
  5. Fast Shag

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    stops on a dime. front brakes are on it now after pic was taken