For Sale 1999 Custom Whizzer Motorbike $4000

This is a Whizzer motorbike that has been completely customized by Performance Whizzer. This bike was assembled with special attention given to the slightest detail. Many custom upgrades were incorporated to enhance the performance and safety of this 60+ mph motorbike.
Engine updates and modifacations include a new NE-5 cylinder barrel,with larger valves and cooling fins. The cooling fins were milled to resemble the classic 300 series engine barrel. Intake and exhaust ports, along with the valve pockets were enlarged and recontoured. NE-5 cylinder head was milled and reshaped for better flow and combustion. Needle bearing crank, new piston, pin, rings and gaskets. High lift cam and special polished mushroom lifters were installed. Timing was modified and a new 30mm Mikuni carb completes the engine
Custom features include 26" Shimano chrome wheels with heavy duty spokes, nobby tires and puncture proof tubes. The front spring fork is from a 50's bicycle, and is reversed, giving the bike an aggressive look. Front wheel was modified with a special hub and disc brake kit. The large chain sprocket was replaced with a 36 tooth sprocket,4.5"crank, red chain,new pedals,and custom chain guard. Chain sprocket on the rear wheel was changed, to allow ease of pedaling, and more rear brake power.Chrome back fender was redesigned, and a special aluminum license plate bracket was fabricated for the moped license plate.A black pleated and chrome custom beach cruiser saddle was installed.
Classic bicycle lights were added, rewired with auto bulbs for night time riding.Runs off the engine's generator. Stainless steel allen bolts were used in the build. Unnecessary brackets and wiring were removed to enhance a clean uncluttered design.The CDI module and voltage regulator were relocated to the battery box. Engine sounds very healthy when accelerated through the clubman style exhaust system, thats derived from classic Norton road racers of the past.. Also, I have a baffle insert that is included. Bike has approx. 350 miles since custom build and is in excellant condition. Many hours were spent making this one of a kind Whizzer. Lots of fun to ride, with plenty of power, and just looks awesome going down the street. Bike won "best bike of the week" at a local Harley motorcycle show. This bike draws lots of attention everywhere it goes. This is your chance to an own an exceptional example of a custom Whizzer! Serious inquires only, shown by appointment. Please no texts. Prefer local sale and pick up. For information, please call 562-376-0605


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Here we have a person that completely misses the idea of custom motorbikes vs scooters. Sure you can go out and buy a Honda scooter anytime for less, that several thousand were produced, and you have to register yearly. Custom motorbikes show more self expression of design, thoughts and ideas of a build, compared to a mfg. purchased product. Besides being more noticed, a good safety point. Try bringing a purchased HONDA scooter to a motorcycle or scooter show and wining "Best Bike Of The Week" trophy. Quite a difference here, get my drift? PerformanceWhizzer
If you havent noticed,this current year,at least i can say for the USA ,Definition of motorized bicycles are now becoming mopeds or motorcycles depending on size of engine.Laws are changing .Whether you buy something,stock or not.You always have the ability to customize it ,so dont give me that.
"motorized bicycles"Youd have to go through so much crap,just to even make them legal as well,sometimes it isnt even worth it the hassle.
its ok,it looks like a motorized bicycle,all moto bikes seem to look the same.That PCX may look ugly but it could still out perform that custom motorized bike any day i bet
its ok,it looks like a motorized bicycle,all moto bikes seem to look the same.That PCX may look ugly but it could still out perform that custom motorized bike any day i bet
Are you daft?Have you ever seen a nice LWB recumbent with a rack mount set-up?They look nothing like the in-frame MAB's and nothing like a motorcycle.Of course the PCX would outperform an MAB, that's a nonsense comparison, an edsel would also out perform, so would a Ferrari.Here's the equivalent argument to the one you just made, "I bet I can pedal an MAB further than you could pedal that scooter" apples-oranges, get it?
Do you think you could lift that scooter over your head?Bottom line, he can ask $100,000 for the bike if he wants, if you don't like it, don't buy it.
But hes saying"I customized it"like its any better than the scooter.I can voice my opinion just like you and everyone else.Now if this was a recumbent tad pole tricycle,then that be worth the 4k+ but this is just an ordinary moto bike,to me.Thank you
For that price one could buy 2 or 3 repro Whizzers. Also, a springer like that on a $4K bike? Heh. SMH.

Good luck with your endeavor.