For Sale 1999 Custom Whizzer Motorbike $4000

This is a Whizzer motorbike that has been completely customized by Performance Whizzer. This bike was assembled with special attention given to the slightest detail. Many custom upgrades were incorporated to enhance the performance and safety of this 60+ mph motorbike.
Engine updates and modifacations include a new NE-5 cylinder barrel,with larger valves and cooling fins. The cooling fins were milled to resemble the classic 300 series engine barrel. Intake and exhaust ports, along with the valve pockets were enlarged and recontoured. NE-5 cylinder head was milled and reshaped for better flow and combustion. Needle bearing crank, new piston, pin, rings and gaskets. High lift cam and special polished mushroom lifters were installed. Timing was modified and a new 30mm Mikuni carb completes the engine
Custom features include 26" Shimano chrome wheels with heavy duty spokes, nobby tires and puncture proof tubes. The front spring fork is from a 50's bicycle, and is reversed, giving the bike an aggressive look. Front wheel was modified with a special hub and disc brake kit. The large chain sprocket was replaced with a 36 tooth sprocket,4.5"crank, red chain,new pedals,and custom chain guard. Chain sprocket on the rear wheel was changed, to allow ease of pedaling, and more rear brake power.Chrome back fender was redesigned, and a special aluminum license plate bracket was fabricated for the moped license plate.A black pleated and chrome custom beach cruiser saddle was installed.
Classic bicycle lights were added, rewired with auto bulbs for night time riding.Runs off the engine's generator. Stainless steel allen bolts were used in the build. Unnecessary brackets and wiring were removed to enhance a clean uncluttered design.The CDI module and voltage regulator were relocated to the battery box. Engine sounds very healthy when accelerated through the clubman style exhaust system, thats derived from classic Norton road racers of the past.. Also, I have a baffle insert that is included. Bike has approx. 350 miles since custom build and is in excellant condition. Many hours were spent making this one of a kind Whizzer. Lots of fun to ride, with plenty of power, and just looks awesome going down the street. Bike won "best bike of the week" at a local Harley motorcycle show. This bike draws lots of attention everywhere it goes. This is your chance to an own an exceptional example of a custom Whizzer! Serious inquires only, shown by appointment. Please no texts. Prefer local sale and pick up. For information, please call 562-376-0605


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Everyone who buys a motorized bike.buys one because it's cheaper to go with a motorized bIke than to go with per say a scooter or motorcycle.if one has to pay 4k for a motried bicycle .better off going all out and getting the real deal.
That's called broad-stroke projectionism, you assume everybody has your reasoning.I don't know how much reading you've done here, but do a poll, I bet you find different.Something along the lines of, "if you had the money would you still MAB?", the reasons would be varied and vast, not just because it's cheaper than.Also MAB's ARE the real deal, the first motorcycles were MAB's, so you're basically saying someone should not enjoy a stylish model T, and buy a new production, plastic piece of shoe-looking ride.
First of all, I want to thank everyone for thier opinions. There are several motorbike companies out there claiming thier brand to be the best. Alot of these bikes have Chinese 2 or 4 stroke engines,parts,frames, wheels, and even regular bicycle forks. They all have thier own theme,and are priced in this price range. I feel my Whizzer is worth that, in the money spent and the many hours spent building it. That said, I'am open to reasonable offers. Again, thanks for the comments and opinios.
If motorized bicycles were better than motorcycles,and scooters,then you'd see alot more on the road,i barely see them ,other than my own
!:You need speed to go on certain highways,2:the bicycle needs to be able to handle the speed(bicycles werent ever meant to go fast) 3:Its a hassle getting these cycles licensed and registered .
4:they are way easier stealing the list goes on
Again, with the projectionism.You do realize not every state requires reg/license/or anything, yes?
1) yes speed is required on freeways, bikes aren't allowed on freeways.There are vast areas of America where bicycles are allowed, big areas without a freeway in sight, they are quite beautiful.If it weren't for state to state laws, you could probably still "get your kicks" all on a MAB.
2) Most any adult bike is rated to go 30mph.
3) There are plenty of states that differ from the one you live in/have dealt with
4) If you live in an area without high crime (aka cities), they can be left unlocked.

Do you think the constant bombardment of car commercials has anything to do with it?If there were MAB commercials as much as mcdonalds, do you think you'd see more on the roads?Monkey see monkey do, and status climbing FOR DECADES.

The reasons I see that there are more cagers is,

1) this is a car-centric country, people in cars are always in a hurry to get nowhere, and a bike slows them down
2) People don't want to put any effort into building something, they'd rather buy something, and let someone else work on it
3) Because of the two above there most certianly is more danger on two wheels, most people think that increases with a bicycle, when actually it's more dangerous to ride in traffic.
4) People don't see long term side benefits, and the sound of pedaling anything outside a gym is silly, as they drive around and around the parking lot to get a close spot, when they could ride a bike and kill two birds for nothing.
My take.
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